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What Causes Vaginal Burning, and How Is It Treated?

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If the virus becomes active, they might experience a burning sensation in the vagina, which can be a symptom of Brun herpes. The symptoms of genital herpes can be treated with antiviral vavina but never cured. Menopause Vaginal burning may be a result of menopausal changes. The shifting levels of hormones in a woman's body before she enters menopause can affect the vagina. Irritation can also result from certain garments, including: If the irritation is a result of clothes, burning and other symptoms may develop gradually as you wear the items more.

How to treat this Avoid using any scented or perfumed products on your genitals.

Vagina Burn

If symptoms occur after you use a new product, stop using it to see if the symptoms clear. Tampons, condoms, douches, creams, sprays, and other products you might put in or near the vagina can cause vaginal burning. These products can irritate the genitals and cause symptoms. How to treat this The easiest way to treat this is to stop using the product you believe is causing the irritation.

If symptoms go away when you stop using it, you know the culprit. If your contraception or a condom is the source of the irritation, talk with your doctor about alternatives. Some condoms are made for people with sensitive skin. They may be better for your partner to use during intercourse. Extra water-soluble lubricant might be needed. Bacterial vaginosis BV is the most common vaginal infection in women ages 15 to It can develop when too much of a certain bacterium grows in the vagina. In addition to burning, you may experience: However, most women will need to see their doctor for prescription antibiotics.

Be sure to take every dose of your prescription. This can help prevent the infection from returning. Almost 75 percent of women will experience at least one yeast infection in their lifetime, according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. They occur when yeast in the vagina grows excessively. Medications typically include creamsointmentsor suppositorieswhich are inserted into the vagina. These can be purchased at a pharmacy over the counter. Try to give the lidocaine time it to work, but if the burning continues for 10 minutes, wash it off thoroughly. Vaginal lubricants and aqueous cream also available over the counter may soothe the area and help moisturise the vulva if it's dry.

Speak to your pharmacist about these treatments. But several medications available on prescription can help, including: You may need to take the medication for several months.

Another technique to relax the muscles in the vagina and desensitise it involves using a set of vaginal trainers. These are smooth cones of gradually increasing size and length which can be inserted into your vagina in the privacy of your own home. This is where a machine is used to deliver a mild electrical current to the painful area. It can often help women cope with the impact that vulvodynia has on their life. CBT focuses on the problems and difficulties you have now, and looks for practical ways you can improve your state of mind on a daily basis. Psychosexual counselling is helpful when pain is affecting intimacy between you and your partner.

This is a type of therapy that aims to address problems such as fear and anxiety about sex, and to restore a physical relationship with your partner.

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