Do boys mature slower than girls

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Mind the gap: Why girls develop faster than boys

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The researchers have also reviewed academic literature on IQ research and gender differences. The fact that boys lag behind when it comes to school performance is thus a durable find. The average difference between boys and girls in Norwegian corresponds to one-half grade. The remaining question is why?

Mature slower girls than Do boys

Is it because the boys catch alower with the girls in terms of maturation or ,ature it because they choose different educational pathways and subjects with different methods of assessment? The assessment regime seems to be milder in vocational training, which may have effect on the results in Norwegian, English, and maths. Good students make each other better, but this has little significance for gender differences in school performances. According to Nordahl, the boys are not as motivated as the girls. Knowledge gaps may therefore have major consequences, for instance for boys who start lagging behind at school.

Many of them will continue to lag behind all their life. But this has to be done igrls the Norwegian school system the way it is organised today. The cortex is composed of gray matter and white matter. Gray matter is densely packed with cell bodies. White matter consists of myelinated axons that form the connections between brain cells.

The female brain has a higher proportion of gray matter while the male brain has a higher proportion of white matter. Having more gray matter kature explain why young women are usually more efficient in processing information, often have stronger verbal skills, and usually excel at juggling several activities. Sower more white matter appears to help the male brain transfer information throughout the brain. A person whose brain thinks spatially often needs more space when learning; so many males may spread out their work assignments while their female classmates may not. There are several structures in the brain that grow differently in adolescent females and males.

The hippocampus helps to transfer new information to long-term memory. The hippocampus is sensitive to the female hormone, estrogen, and grows faster and larger in young women. Females often excel at sizing up social situations, being emotionally supportive, and coordinating complex relationships. The amygdala and the hypothalamus are sensitive to male sex hormones and grow larger in young men.

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