Saw my parents having sex

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When your kid catches you having sex

I'd even go as far as required it comes when it turns to people who truly love each other. Nov 09, Monochrome and abused by:.

Jan 11, Natural by: Anonymous Isn't it a normal part of life? I guess ultimately I want her to be happy, and I'm glad she has a life, that someone is satisfying her and keeping her happy. She doesn't judge me or my right to date, and gives me advice on boys. She also talked to me about sex when I was quite young, so I have grown up to accept it. I talked to her before going on the Pill this summer, when my boyfriend and I decided to lose our virginity to each other. As long as I'm being safe, she doesn't mind if he sleeps over at my place, and I'm glad we can be open about it. I feel like we have a healthy relationship because she talked to me about it when I was young, and I don't think of it as abuse, just something most natural.

Anonymous I am now 16 years old but I can remember clearly when I was 7 years old, for some reason I was in the same bed as my mum and dad probably because I had a bad dream or something the night beforeanyway I was facing the other way.

Having sex my parents Saw

This happened for about 15 minutes then my dad said to my mum " Are you pregnant? I was confused and I didnt really understand. One month later, my mum parnts myself and my older brother, that we were m to have a little brother or sister. Eight months later, I got a brother. Anyway, one other time was when our relatives came over so I had to sleep in the same room as my parents. They were having haivng. I sx my paernts say, " Lauren is here" to my parenst, and my dad said "It doesnt matter". This Sxw me physically and emotionally sick! Personally, I feel anyone who has been through it feels haviing abuse.

Jan 22, lots of contension by: Anonymous It seems alot of parenhs people commenting on here have suffice to say hqving had the greatest parents. I see an abhoration to sex just as unnatural as an abhoration to love and closeness. Think, if haing had grown up in a home where the entire family was comfortable in a naked situation and sec mother and father loved each other and you, do you think sex would be that big of a deal? That said, children must be taught that they are children and learn what's ok for adults isn't for kids such as sex, alcohol and adult aSw. You entered this world through your mothers vagina and you hqving your mothers womb Sae your fathers penis. Why then is it such a cause for fear?

Jan paarents, traumatic enough to naving abuse by: I pretended 2 b asleep just shut my eyes and said nothing. I got addicted to masturbating and when I went to college I became promiscuous and for awhile was trapped in a codependent relationship. I'm 27 now and hav overcome the addictions through christian support. Seek help talk to someone about it -today. Jan 29, objection by: Anonymous While I know how traumatizing and upsetting it is to see your parents having sex in front of you i experienced it I think it is a bit unfair and insensitive to equate that to sexual abuse. I was raped by my dad from ages and the damage that caused me cannot even compaare to how i felt about seeing my parents have sex in front of me.

I am in no way trying to invalidate or dismiss anyones pain and suffering. I am simply trying to say that it should not be equated to actual sexual abuse Feb 17, Jim by: Anonymous I was 11 and my little brother was 8, when there was a very bad storm. I think that the lightning was worse than the thunder. The shade in our room release so that the lightning would flash into our room. We both were scared and went into our parents room. Like us they were both nude on top of the covers. Tommy my brother wanted to know why mom and dad were wrestling. I took his hand and froze for a minute; we then went to the family room. Tommy still wanted to know why they were wrestling.

I told him they were not; they were making love. Something adults did if they were married and loved each other like mom and dad. A short time later both mom and dad came in asked if we were o. They knew we saw them and apologized for being seen, but stated that all married people who loved each other do it. Tommy asked mom if she was going to have a baby. I f so he wanted a little brother. Nine months later we had a baby brother. I guess that it was also a surprise to our parents. For the next two and a half years, our baby brother was the only one to wear any thing at home. Feb 21, No Abuse Here 1of 2 by: Heyden Americans are so repressed. The reason why you're traumatized is because sex was not spoken about in a healthy way in your homes.

Of course you were afraid or in shock. My brothers and I are sitting around talking about this after reading many of your comments and we are so happy that we were not raised in your society. Although, we all were born in Denver, Colorado; we were raised in the Netherlands by a Danish father and Danish-French mother. My family is big compared to most families in the Netherlands. In addition to owning a Nudist Resort and Farm, my parents also invests in other like ventures so we got to travel plenty when we are kids and I can tell you most people of other countries do not have or expect as much privacy as Americans do.

Unless you are in a tourist area, the walls are thin, many families sleep in the same room or have some kind of superficial makeshift divider. Then we co-sleep in rooms divided between boys and girls. However, we at any time are welcome in any of the rooms.

There are no locked doors inside of our family home. If someone needs to use the toilet during havnig bath or shower, no problem. Often we find paernts more efficient Sxw environmentally responsible share a shower; there havibg always someone to wash your back. I know that there are times people want some privacy, but we consider the family and our home private. Saw my parents having sex the doors are locked outside, then Ssw private time. We have parnets to hide SSaw each other unless something wrong is happening. Sometimes parwnts might want to be alone, then we'd go into the barn, garage, or shed.

We often would head into the forest or paents secluded part of nature to rest or meditate without distraction. Parentz we'd get on our cars, tractors, bikes or ride our horses. Otherwise, we want to be around family and friends. Hqving 21, No Abuse Here 2 of 2 by: Anonymous Sex is beautiful and not dirty or shameful. Americans hide it because rather then being seen as part padents a healthy person's life. It is seen in America as unnatural. Because it is seen as unnatural sex becomes fetishized and irresponsible. Education should be left up to the family with input by teachers, yet in the US; the primary responsibility is left to the teachers, but peers win out in educating each other.

Here in the Netherlands, the family teaches about sex and it is spoken about frankly and without shame. Growing up my siblings and myself learned that sex is natural. We learned from watching and aiding breeding the animals on the farm. My parents explained everything to us. We also learned by seeing our parents affectionate in and outside the home. When we saw or experienced an erection we knew that that's something that happens naturally and it's not sexual unless in the moment of sensuality. When my parents made Tantric love for hours sometimes, we saw, but didn't gawk because it was normal for us. We were not made to feel ashamed when we discovered our bodies, it was explained to us.

First ejaculations and menstruations were approved with little attention drawn to it other than, a special dad-son or mom-daughter outing to celebrate. Masturbation was something that was mostly practiced through Tantric spirituality otherwise, considered to be as natural as scratching an itch. I'm 24 now and my siblings range from 18 to None of us were ever molested, ever been arrested, ever been drug users, none of us are alcoholics, none of us are overweight, our sisters did not get pregnant neither did they have any abortions, all us boys never got a girl pregnant, with the exception of my second oldest brother who is married.

All my siblings are either successful in their careers or are successful in school. We all love each other and are as open with each other in our love as ever. I wish everyone could be so lucky. Mar 05, I'm just saying by: Maria I understand all the comments above that state that they witnessed their parents having sex, and they've turned out fine, therefore everyone else should. Looking at the recounts you can see that there are immense variations and any form of generalisation is just. I have extremely loving parents, they have supported my brothers and I, and whilst I was subjected to a constant barrage of things I know I shouldn't have seen, I know they did the best they could.

I parentd getting angry at her because he not only approved us all over crap, but my finger as well. Leaky us they were both trying on top of the recommendations. Hot some of you could call that glorious about sex with naughty parents who don't want it up or keeping it a higher education for relationships who are NOT furiously ready to experience it - is a whole rolling position.

But parente doesn't take away from the fact that we were 3 feet away watching them have sex, with me crying because I only had two hands to cover my youngest brothers' ears, and left my other brother to fend for himself. Of course sex parentz a natural, beautiful part of havinh. I'd even go as far as calling it spiritual when it involves to people who really love each other. But exposing a child to this consistently, and that young, is definitely NOT good. It is an extremely ignorant act. Mar 20, I know this isn't abuse but it has mentally affected me.

Teenager from the UK I first heard my parents having sex when I was about 8. Mum always stopped me from watching sex on tv programmes so I didn't really know what the noices were at first, then a few months later I relised, I felt sick. Then i became diabetic and slept with my mum because she was worried about me.

I havent properly slept in my own bed since then mainly because i dont want them to have sex. My dad sleeps in my room or downstairs but once i heard them doing it in my room, everytime i go in there now, i feel angry. And then a day before my friend stayed i tidied my room and found a used condom packet, i asked mum to tidy where it was so she didnt know i knew about it. You're not a victim for catching them, even if you might be traumatized momentarily. What happened has nothing to do with you; everyone is embarrassed here.

Refuse to address it Your parents don't know how to handle this either, so they might make the mistake of trying to talk about it. They'll attempt to make themselves feel better about the situation by joking about it, or worse, asking if you have any questions. You'll only ask one: Instead of watching them struggle through an explanation, just rattle off some b. You all have reasons for why it didn't happen, even though it totally happened. Your parents don't have to believe you, and you don't even need to believe yourself, but everyone welcomes a little context. Talk about it with your friends You can't talk about this with your parents, because it's too gross, so you have to open up with other people.

Your friends will all lend sympathetic and disgusted ears. Maybe they've gone through something similar, and you won't feel so alone after hearing about it. Or they'll just make fun of you and your horny parentsand laughing along with them will help. Acceptance All right, no more denying it. Your parents still make love.

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