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Our Association at a Glance

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Managment ass emeregency Masssachusettes

To guide public policy on emergency management topics through an advocacy process at the federal, state and local levels. Our Association at a Glance Mission: Conduct four risk assessment workshops. MAEMP advocates for progressive growth. Creation of a Command and Control structure that can be implemented by municipalities to address the needs of cultural institutions in response to a local disaster. This effort serves as a way to bring library directors and Emergency Management Directors EMDs together to create a more comprehensive disaster response team within the community.

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This form collates data about the type of facility, the type of collections, existence of potentially hazardous materials, the average number of visitors, and other information that can be helpful to EMDs during response and recovery. The purpose of the structure is to streamline the communication flow during and after an emergency by funneling information from the local cultural institutions and organizations to the point person town clerk, library director, etc. The first meeting of the full Advisory Committee was held on March 21,at the Massachusetts Archives.

This will ensure that the needs of these institutions are known to the EMDs without adding to their already demanding responsibilities. These meetings provide an opportunity for cultural heritage stewards, EMDs, and town officials to meet and collaborate to prepare all organizations to respond to a disaster. The grant is being administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

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