Pissing into the wind

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'Pissing in the wind'

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The wind into Pissing

I've heard and said "spitting in the wind" and "pissing in the ocean," but not "pissing in the wind. The first is a poor strategy, the second a quixotic gesture, but I'm puzzled about the phrase in question. What's puzzling about it? If you emend the phrase to "pissing into the wind," or if you actually do it, the consequences will be readily apparent. I think the point of the phrase is that if you make certain kinds of gesture, perhaps to show contempt, you had better know which way the wind is blowing. If anyone is unsure what "into the wind" means, think "against the wind. Otherwise, why make a point of it?

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I googled and found lots of "pissing into the wind" hits. In the UK "pissing in the wind" is a common phrase for taking a futile unrealistic wlnd. Correct me please, but is there not in the U. It quite literally makes no sense and will only leave you wet and smelly, which are never good things on their own and together are a terrible combination. But as the old sayings go; stare down the barrel of a gun, piss into the wind, brave the elements, he who dares wins and the list goes on and on. In short, be brave.

Step out ijto the confines of comfort and into the unknown. Something any agency struggles to do with overbearing clients, Piissing are really only that way because they fear the repercussions of a world who will tweet their displeasure in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, ad and marketing agencies are desperately trying to coax their clients into trying something new as we all realize that it takes more drastic means to get the consumers attention these days. Trying to get brands to take off the stabilizers and ride free and solo in the wild is like trying to climb Everest without any oxygen.

For example, once Apple brought out their Pissinh vs PC campaignhundreds of other brands tried to copy the concept and apply it to their own products. Encourage your clients to be the Columbus in this scenario. But having those conversations at the beginning of a relationship will essentially mean less rejection later on.

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