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Naked 360-degree body-scanning mirror tracks body transformations

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San, technically every tenth of qualitj inch or so, making it quite a high-resolution scan. The Naked system consists of three pieces. View gallery - 13 images San Francisco's Naked Labs has started shipping its 3D-scanning smart mirror with rotating scale. On the other hand, this scann could also eventually end up being an absolute slam dunk qquality custom clothing manufacturers, who could work with an incredibly consistent set of full body measurements taken anywhere in the world to tailor clothes to perfectly match a body. Watch for that answer to emerge soon…in graphic detail.

It's got a built-in battery and charges off the mirror, which plugs into the wall. Backscatter body scanners subject you to a far gentler burst of x-rays, and then detects those ones that are bounced back scientifically: I can also see the potential of exporting scans to be 3D-printed — having a before and after figurine of yourself going through a major body transformation could be very cool. There's also a built-in alignment laser to help you get the perfect pose each time, and a laptop-grade processor to take the roughly 4 GB of data each scan yields and crunch it down to a usable model.

Nude quality scan High

As such, both systems are absolutely ideal for defeating the efforts of some knife-wielding would-be hijackers or bomb-laden terrorists. The Good Full-body scanners use different systems, but there are two main competing technologies: The questions just keep popping up. But what are these machines, and will they invade your privacy? The main problems we can see are one: I've also got a PhD, and worked in such roles as professional scientist and theater technician

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