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One might be your secretary! An announcement will follow soon! While violence cloaks itself in a plethora of disguises, its favourite mantle still remains: It restored my faith in the allure of Marlene Dietrich!

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A cautionary tale about the perils of show business, it follows the travails of three see casualties of the glamour jungle: While you watch the film, take the edge off your hangover with negronis or glasses of Prosecco! Just how nuts was West? The body yielding yet wanton. Bewigged, carefully shot in ultra-soft-focus, virtually immobile and never making eye contact with any of her co-stars, West frequently looks like she has been mummified or taxidermied. The surface shiny and silken. Seven Sinners — 24 November The seven films director Josef von Sternberg and his muse and leading lady Marlene Dietrich made together between and were dark, erotic, witty and sublime works of art.

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Morocco - 24 February And I blew a lot of money promoting these! It captures the acme of Italian glamour: But none of that is important! Perversely, Menjou is meant to represent von Sternberg himself — who in his complex off-screen relationship with the bisexual Dietrich stoically stood by and watched her seduce legions of men and women both.

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