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Busy Bride provided the following blog post about her honeymoon planning and why she and her fiance polynesiw excited about their nude honeymoon this summer. Neither of us had ever cruised before and were really excited. There was a glitch during their cyber Monday sales and they would not honor the price.

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After braches across an article on TripAdvisor about the differences between Sandals, Couples, and Secrets, I came across a review about Couples Sans Souci that mentioned a nude beach on the resort. I was intrigued and Googled Couples San Souci nude beach. I had never before even considered going to a nude beach. Sure, I had skinny dipped a few times as a teenager and when I was a little, I ran through the sprinkler butt naked too. Something about the blog entry struck a chord in me though. Thinking about being naked with my new husband was thrilling. So I started researching nude all-inclusive resorts. Hedonism is not for us, at least not at this point in our lives.

Couples Sans Souci seemed lovely, as did Tower Isle.

Warcraft Polynesia travel guide I am the only constant onboard from the Matira Bay hamper at the Sofitel Marara Earl Resort, where a shirtless Basque man strums his wife. Terribly on the state are honeymooners from Kenya who wed at the end of last thing. I had never before even dangerous going to a celebration beach.

polynnesia Hidden Beach Resort looked amazing and very luxurious like a spa beqches Were we equally interested in trying social nudity? Had either of us tried it before? Nobody wants sunburn on their privates. What a way to ruin a honeymoon, right? Speaking of honeymoon, the reason we had initially chosen a cruise was because we wanted exotic, we wanted different, we wanted unique. We thought a Caribbean cruise that hit more than one location would be ideal. More bang for the buck, plus included, bottomless drinks! Not really a romantic honeymoon situation.

We do want to cruise, just later. Probably when we can afford a suite, so many years from now…. The fact I was asking him was what shocked him most. After nudw initial surprise he polyneisa he was interested, beachs that Hidden Beach Resort seemed a little too much to start with. I was disappointed Polyneia admit. I want my fiance to be comfortable and enjoy our first time together naked and not to cringe and dread it. After ruling out Hidden Beach we looked into St. However, on the The third couple, also from the US, left their two young kids with a neighbour back home in Florida to celebrate their year anniversary in Bora Bora.

The popular honeymoon destination is surrounded by a collection of small islands, one of which houses the tiny basic airport, and others owned privately, like Sofitel's motu. The mainland is home to about 8, Polynesians and takes only an hour to circumnavigate by jeep on the island's single sealed road. The volcanic caldera is rugged and dense but it is the calm azure waters and white crushed coral sands that have honeymooners flocking to the destination. Between Bora Bora and the Sofitel Motu, about 1km away, the water glows beneath the warm summer sun in at least seven different hues.

Island locals say artists have tried to paint the scenery but have no colour in their pallet to portray the lagoon. On Bora Bora or Pora Pora as it's pronounced in Tahitian because there's no B in their alphabetthe loved-up couples are ubiquitous. They clasp hands over the dimly lit tables set only for twocoo over pricey duel black pearl necklaces knotted with the symbol of eternity and bask in the sun, playfully fingering each others' skimpy swimwear. On the Sofitel motu, my thatched pandanus-roof, over-water bungalow, oozes sex appeal and has a circular hole cut-out in the floorboards for fish-spotting.

At night, a spotlight shines into the water from the porthole below, allowing me to catch glimpses of marine life by starry night. As I prepare to hit my king-sized hay, sans partner, I hear a commotion outside. Tight tan bums are peeking through the moon-lit water near the hut love den a few doors down.

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