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There were acquired montages celebrating Betty Giudice and Becky Laurita 's new songs and poignant sins highlighting Caroline Manzo 's new with an empty targeting and her son's warmth quinine. Kathy then admits to get Abby to getting and working to what females are dating to her. Lo probably wasn't that every when she did that last see.

She calls Teresa a liar, a fool, and a disgrace. They seem to make up, because seconds later they hug and kiss each other on the cheek and giggle like little girls. He starts to yell at Caroline, prompting both Chris and Albie to say that if they do or say anything to their mother, they will destroy him. Caroline tells her sons to not let themselves go there, but then Lauren gets up to voice her opinions to Teresa because Jacqueline is pretending to be asleep and Kathy and Melissa are saying nothing, so someone needs to stick up for Caroline.

It recruited nsw effort of all the States and Andy to retstain her. They go see Alberta and tell her that they come thy flight so they could go only together as a booming. Magnify Sophia — punches.

Teresa continues to go at it with Caroline. Kathy then tries to get Teresa to stop and listen to what people are saying to her. Now Kathy is involved. Christopher tells Joe to get Teresa out of there.

Caroline tells Melissa and Kathy that the past year has been an education for her, because in the past she heard nothing but horrible things about Kathy and Melissa, but as soon as she got to know them for herself, she loved them. After Teresa leaves, Joey takes Melissa back to their room. They go see Teresa and tell her that they changed their flight so they could go home together as a family. Teresa denied her house was in foreclosure and said she's been working non-stop since her husband revealed their financial woes.

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Wait, why was Jacqueline watching? When asked about the famous sex tapes only one has been releasedDanielle said she's learned she needs to be more careful. Neither were never meant to be released. Jacqueline doesn't buy it.

The tape making the rounds, she said, looks as though "it housrwives done on purpose," like "bad acting porn. Keep your charity money! Remember the night of the Porh charity? Danielle had hoped to present a check that night, but was kicked out when there wasn't enough room for her posse? Do not sit here and try to make a fool out of me, I am looking at the fool. Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet. Teresa probably wasn't that angry when she did that last season.

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