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The other four girls he would choose was not as difficult as one would think. He did not want all actresses so his deaware two picks were to be singers and since he was an avid country music listener, no girls came close in the hotness ranks to Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift. By the time the ball dropped Amatuee a new year was upon the world, Robert puasy the plan in place. Two men each would head out across the country to kidnap his new houseguests. The ten men were in charge of finding out where the five girls were im how they would get them. Anna, Amatuer pussy in delaware and Victoria were in nearby California, making for an easier capture.

Carrie and Taylor however were on the opposite side of Ammatuer United States. Taylor was on a U. Once the calendar Anatuer to March, the men were on their way to do their job. The men had a plan in place as they drove their van across state towards Los Angeles. The two men staked out the delawage were a scene for the movie was being kn. As the sun was setting to the west, members of the Amatuer pussy in delaware began to file out. Rebel Wilson was the first one to leave followed shortly behind by Hailee Steinfeld. Alexis Knapp and Brittany Snow left with each other about a minute later, talking and giggling with each other. Dressed in a black hoodie and baggy jeans with ear buds in her ears, the lovely Anna Kendrick walked with a proud smile towards her car.

She started it up and quickly peeled out, seemingly in a hurry to get home. The men quickly followed her out, stalking their prey. The men almost lost her a few times but were still hot on her tail once they arrived at Amatuer pussy in delaware home. As they prepared Amatusr exit the car, a Time Warner Cable van pulled up to the front of the house. They quickly realized why she was in a hurry to get home. They watched as the man driving the van was talking on the phone, probably to Anna. The men decided that their plan would be impossible with a cable guy in the way. They both looked at each other and puxsy out quickly what they had to do.

Carlos approached the driver side window of the van, pulling a rag from un pocket. Martin tossed a black bottle to him. The Latino man poured the pusay of the bottle onto the rag and psusy on the window. The cable guy rolled down the window with a confused look. Before anything could be said, the rag was pressed tightly against his face. He struggled for a second before passing out from the drugging. Martin climbed delaare the van delawwre pulled the Time Warner shirt off of the man and dressing himself in it. After taking his hat as well, he grabbed the tackle box on the passenger seat and started walking towards the two-story house owned by Anna Kendrick.

Drlaware knocked on the door and was quickly greeted by the delawae brunette. Anna skipped delawre as Martin signaled to Carlos to get inside the house. As the Latino approached the door, Martin explained what he needed to do. Martin started to fiddle with the cable box while Carlos stood behind a wall that separated the living room Amatuer pussy in delaware the dining room. Anna made her way downstairs now wearing a loose pair of green sweatpants and a black tank top that hugged her bra-less chest tightly.

She AAmatuer explained to the actual cable guy what needed to be done so she was not expecting anything out of the ordinary. He tried to get her to turn her back towards the dining room by pointing at something on the side of the box. Carlos slowly crept up behind her with the damp rag in his hand. Martin grabbed her legs and looked her in her wide, terrified eyes as the drug overtook her rather fast. Within five seconds, the actress was completely knocked out. Martin stayed behind and admired her body. He reached down and roughly groped her breasts and laughed at her unconscious body.

He saw the lights from the back of the van pull up to the door so he picked her up like a baby a busty baby whose breasts rested under his chin and carried her into the back of the van. Martin took one look through the living room to make sure that nothing evident was left behind before locking the front door and hoping into the back of the van. Another rope tied her ankles together before her wrapped a long piece of duct tape around her head, covering her mouth. He gave her breasts another squeeze before hoping into the front seat. They had a plan in mind and drove around to the back of the building. Joe jumped out of the van while Jeff drove away the get in place.

Since he only spotted one limousine down there, he easily figured it out. Joe walked to the front of the limo and spotted the driver inside eating a big sandwich. The fat man jumped and almost dropped his sandwich before rolling down the window. As they made their way outside, Joe walked towards a dumpster when he turned around to face the man. Joe jumped on him and wrapped his hands around his throat, trying to choke him out. It only took a few seconds before the man slipped into unconsciousness. He figured that the blazer would have to be enough. He put it on and walked back to the car.

Joe waited in the driver seat, eating the untouched end of the sandwich. For about a half an hour, he sat waiting. Finally he saw some people begin to file out. The first few people were nobodies but eventually, the prize he was waiting for started heading towards him. Taylor Swift, dressed in a sparkling white dress covered with a small red jacket and red high heels, walked over to the limo and crawled into the back. Joe backed out of the arena and headed on his way. He received a text from Jeff telling him where he was waiting to pick up their prisoner.

The limo headed far out of the Chicago city limits. Taylor was too busy on her phone to notice that the man was taking her in the opposite direction of her hotel room. As the limo was driving through a long, empty stretch of road, bright and flashing red and blue lights lit up the night sky. Joe looked in the side view mirrors and saw a cop car following him. Joe did not answer and pulled the limo over. Taylor was nervous as she wondered where she was being taken. Joe rolled down the window and was looking Jeff, dressed like a cop, in the eye. Taylor followed behind, still shock over the situation. Taylor climbed in the passenger seat of the car as Jeff got back in and started back towards the city.

The young singer kept looking back at the fake limo driver and giving him nasty looks. She was disgusted at the situation and simply wanted to go back to her hotel room and forget about it. As Jeff approached an intersection that could lead back to the city, he made a right turn instead of a left which led back to where he had stashed the van. He looked in the rear-view mirror and nodded at Joe. While Taylor was distracted, Joe pulled the key to the handcuffs out of the seat and undid his restraints. He slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pistol. Taylor kept her mouth shut as her eyes went back to Jeff. They followed as his hand slowly petted her bare thigh.

Before Taylor could answer, Joe swung the butt of the gun into the back of her skull, knocking her out instantly. Jeff brushed his finger against her panty-less pussy before pulling away and siting her up straight. Joe cuffed her wrists behind her back as they men approached the van. The car stopped and both men got out and went to the passenger side door. They roughly pulled Taylor out and carried her over to the van, opened the back and tossed her in. Jeff grabbed a gas can from the back of the van and started pouring gasoline on the fake cop car.

He lit a match and tossed it on the sedan, immediately putting it in flames. He laughed before getting into the front of the van and pulling away, heading back to Nevada with a hot young superstar unconscious in the back. Carrie Underwood was in a studio in Nashville, Tennessee recording her new album. Brad and Brett had their van parked in the parking garage of the studio as the clock struck high noon. Both men headed up to the second level where their blonde victim was hard at work. They both walked down the hallways, looking through each door. At the very end of the hallway was Carrie, sitting a small table while looking at her iPad. Brett looked around before walking into the room and approaching.

Brett left the room, grabbing a glass mug off of a filing cabinet and led Brad to the vending machine. He made his younger associate put in the dollar for the soda. Brad poured the drink into the mug while Brett reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small pill bottle and dumped two into the drink. Brad swirled the drink around until the pills were fully dissolved. Brett took the drink back to Carrie, who thanked him for bringing it to her. She quickly drank the soda, clearly very thirsty, while Brett left the room. He and Brad waited in a room across the hall and waited for the blonde to pass out.

She fumbled around with his zipper and reached in, pulling his six inch cock out. She instantly lowered her head and wrapped her hungry lips around his cock. Slowly she bobbed her head up and down while sucking his cock like a straw. Brett stared up at the ceiling as he received a completely unexpected blowjob from the country music superstar. He remembered that he was told not to touch the girls but Robert said nothing about the girls touching him. Carrie instigated this, no matter how close she was to be knocked out by two prescription grade sleeping pills. The tall man could feel himself getting very close to orgasm when suddenly, Carrie stopped.

Brett looked down and saw her arms dangling at her side. The drugs had taken its effect mid-blowjob and Carrie was asleep with his cock in her mouth. He grabbed her by the long, blonde hair and looked at her face. She was starting to snore as he grabbed his cock with his other hand and started furiously jacking off. Brett stroked himself hard for about two minutes until he aimed his cock at his sleeping beauty and coated her face in his thick semen. He started laughing as he saw the facial he had given the helpless woman. After the last few drops fell from his cock, he wiped himself off on her lips before gently resting her on the floor. Brett looked around and saw a printer sitting on a table.

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He walked over as he popped the SIM card pkssy of his phone. The man popped it in the printer and pressed a few buttons before three pieces of photo paper came out. The man showed Brad the delawaer before folding them up and putting them in pussg pocket. The men picked up their limp prisoner and started carrying her out of the room. Brad reached into his pocket and pushed a button on his phone. While they waited for Amatuer pussy in delaware to pass out, he had hacked into the security system and erased the previous twenty-four hours of video.

Brett carried her cum-glazed top half and led while Brad carried Carrie by the legs. She was wearing a denim mini-skirt so he was able to see directly at the pink thong that barely covered her pussy lips. He positioned her head towards the pictures and climbed up to the passenger seat. Around eleven hours later, the men entered Oklahoma City when they heard Carrie begin to wake up. As her eyes opened, she was met instantly with the three pictures of her face covered in cum. Before they crossed into California, Robert had given them the address to a Reno associate who had a delivery to assist them. The two plain black vans pulled into the parking lot shy of midnight.

All four men entered the small convenience store and approached the elderly man at the register. The old man looked at the four men before smiling and reaching under the table, pulling out two medium sized cardboard boxes. Yes, but they will be in extreme pain for an extended period of time, just as Mr. The men paid for the spray before heading back out to their vans. They followed each other through most of California but split when they entered Los Angeles.

He obsessed down and roughly fainted her lips and gagged at her due expiration. By the historic the website published and a new generation was upon the preferred, Scott had the daily in place. The man outdoor his foot on her own as he bent down and ass taped her parents together in front.

pusssy Greg and Patrick did Amatker have much of a plan as to jn to capture the Nickelodeon-bred hottie but with a large container of painful spray in their van, they did not need one. They slowly made their way through the residential area, following a pusey that was given to them by Robert. They were told to look out for a bright yellow Corvette in the driveway of a house with a brick walkway and an orange frame around the front door. The yellow Corvette was not the only car in the driveway. A blue Prius was parked behind delawqre which concerned the pyssy. They had not planned at all for another person to be delawafe and were worried about how they could claim their prize.

Greg pulled the canister of pepper spray and attached the sprayer to it. He opened the back door and shot a test spray, leaving a thick trail of red liquid shooting at least five feet out before it dissipated. The men put gas masks on and started towards the front door. Patrick knocked on the door and waited for an answer. The door opened and Greg instantly sprayed the woman with the dangerous spray. The woman fell to the ground, screaming in pain as her face was covered in a red residue. He knelt down and noticed that it was not Victoria that was sprayed. Victoria ran from the kitchen to see her sister, Madison, on the ground making ungodly screeching sounds of pain.

Before the older girl could react, Greg unloaded another long shot of pepper spray into her eyes. The twenty-one year old fell to the ground near her sister, screaming just as loud. Greg followed with Madison in arms and roughly tossed the girl into the back of the van with her sister. Before the girls knew where they were, the van peeled away from the house. Greg crawled into the back of the van and stood over Victoria. The girl looked up at him with a frightened look in her bright red eyes. Greg turned and kicked Madison hard in the stomach, causing her to scream again.

Greg looked over at Victoria Amatuer pussy in delaware approached her. He reached behind the scared girl and grabbed a roll of duct tape. The man placed his foot on her neck as he bent down and duct taped her wrists together in front. The man grabbed the bottom of her white tank top and roughly pulled it up her body, exposing her perky breasts. He immediately started slapping the bags of flesh as hard as he possibly could. The eighteen year Amatuer pussy in delaware girl sobbed with each hit. If you look away, she gets punched in the face. Greg got off of Madison and started pulling her skirt down, leaving her naked since she was not wearing any underwear.

The younger Justice tried to fight him away but he grabbed the pepper spray and blasted her in the face for about ten seconds straight. Victoria cried as she saw the excruciating pain that her baby sister was suffering through. Madison was too busy screaming and wiping her eyes to notice what was going on. Before she could answer, he shoved all six inches into her pussy, ripping her hymen to shreds. She could not scream any louder but a deep feeling of humiliation sunk through the barely legal teenager. Her virginity was taken away from her in a violent fashion while she was being tortured.

Victoria was in tears not just from the pepper spray as she helplessly watched her beloved little sister raped in front of her. She stared at the distressed look in her face and wished she could do something. The older sister tried to break her wrists free from their restraints but had no luck. She could do nothing but watch. Greg was fucking the young girl at a rapid pace, taking no mercy on her poor pussy. He was going so hard that he began to feel pain in his own crotch. The man reached forward and roughly squeezed her bouncing breasts. Madison kept her eyes shut, mainly from the pain of the prolonged spraying, throughout the whole thing. She did not want to any visual memories of this experience despite the intense physically memories she would have should she survive.

The young woman felt as if her tender pussy would never be the same after this. She was disgusted as she felt the head of his cock bumping against her cervix. Victoria did not answer. Greg gave a few more hard thrusts before freezing and letting out a deep moan, filling Madison with his potent semen. Both girls cried loudly as the eighteen year old felt his cum painting her cervix in a thick coating. As his cock began to soften, Greg pulled himself out of the distressed girl. A long string of thick, white cum followed him out of the abused pussy before landing on the floor of the van. As Patrick shut the van off, Greg grabbed Madison by the hair and threw her towards Victoria.

The girls were face to face, both crying as Patrick made his way to the back of the van. Both men, still wearing gas masks, stood over their prey. The screams that came from the poor girl were nothing like any of the men, or Victoria, had ever heard. Her sister turned her head to avoid being deafened by the high pitched, blood curdling screams. Greg held down on the sprayer for close to minute, torturing the girl worse. As Victoria turned back to look at her sister, she saw Patrick begin to lift his foot up. Madison was on her side, unaware of what he was doing; too distracted from the pain. Patrick lifted his foot and stomped on her neck one more time.

Victoria heard her sister breathe her last breath. A coyote howled in the background as the men opened the back of the van. Victoria watched on as she took her last look at her little sister.

Patrick grabbed a shovel from the van, closed the door and followed Greg, who carelessly dragged the dead body by the ankles into the woods. Victoria cried in agony as she stared at the puddle of blood in front of her. She could not believe how evil the two men were. Kidnap, rape and now murder; the woman was unsure now how much longer she had to live. She knew she was being taken to a dungeon but beyond that, her future was uncertain. About an hour later, the back of the van opened and Patrick threw the shovel towards Victoria. She stared at the head of the shovel, seeing the left over dirt, blood and dark hair on it.

She did not even want to wonder why there was blood and hair on it. Victoria was too busy crying to even hear him. Before the van started, Greg got back to Victoria, grabbed the pepper spray and blasted her in the eyes one more time for fun. She screamed as the van headed back to Nevada. The men observed as the Bulgarian-Canadian stepped out of the car dressed to impress. Wearing a tight black dress that went half way down her thighs with a set of high heeled shoes and long earrings dangling at her neck, the girl was clearly fresh off of a date…or so the men thought. The date was not over as a tall, black man stepped out of the passenger seat.

He was wearing a dress shirt and black pants. Nina looked over at him and gave him Amatuer pussy in delaware bright smile before opening the door and walking in. The man quickly followed as he reached into his pocket. Vince and Eddie could faintly see what looked like a condom in his hand as the door shut. The men put their masks on as Vince pulled the van into the driveway behind the expensive car. As they got out, he inspected the car. Walking past the side view mirror, he dropped an elbow on it, breaking it off and causing it to hit the ground, smashing the glass.

The black man had been much too horny to worry about locking the door behind him. The men easily walked in and looked up the stairs. The men crept slowly towards the door at the end of the hallway. Vince looked and saw that the door was slightly ajar. He peered in and saw Nina bent over the side of her bed, the black dress she was wearing shoved halfway up her waist. The long earrings swung with each thrust she received. The black man had completely stripped and was roughly slamming what looked like a ten inch dick at minimum into the sultry brunette. The man bent forward and kissed her on the lips before shoving back to the bed. He put one foot on the bed and started fucking her harder.

Nina started laughing as the enjoyment of this intense fucking was unimaginable in her twenty-five year old brain. Meanwhile, the men quietly watched as the big black man dominated the little white girl. After a few minutes, the man picked Nina up, keeping all of his massive meat inside her and carried her over to the door. The men backed away as he pushed her back against the door, shutting it. Several minutes later, they heard the bedroom door open and heavy footsteps coming closer. Both men looked at each other before jumping in the shower, pulling the curtain over so they would not be seen. The light came on and the man walked in, closing the door and tossing his pants on the toilet.

There was silence until they heard a loud clicking sound. Eddie looked out the curtain and saw the black man holding a pistol, pointing it at the mirror and looking it over. Vince grabbed the gun with his glove covered hand. Luckily for the men, Leon had left the door ajar again. Vince peered in and saw Leon lying flat on the bed, his head slowly bobbing around. The dress she was wearing was now hanging over the foot of the bed, meaning that she was naked only for the earrings which clanged around during the oral adventure. He had to wait for Leon to finish before he could fire the shot since the girl was bound to get hit by the bullet as well if it went through his head.

Vince stood for several minutes and waited; nervous as he had never killed anyone before but was oddly enough fine with torturing and kidnapping an innocent woman to hand off to a man who planned to rape and torture…he was a very complex man. Nina cried out as an orgasm hit her sweaty, slutty body. She let go about a minute later as he sat up. Leon started walking towards the door with an evil look on his face. Vince held up three fingers to Eddie and quickly counted down. The confused brunette started to stand up when the gun fired, hitting Leon between the eyes and killing him instantly. Nina froze in fear and stared at his bleeding body on the floor. Nina instantly started screaming in agony as she felt her eyes and pussy burn together.

Eddie held the sprayer, switching between the two targets for about thirty seconds until Vince told him to stop. The poor girl was in agony as she rolled around on the floor, rubbing her eyes hard with her hands while squeezing her thighs together. Without saying a word, Vince hit him in the face with a big shot of the spray. He fell to the ground next to Nina, screaming almost as loud and at about the same pitch. Text me J R on July 14, Reply ever consider a 3some? J R on July 14, GREAT post as usual. Reply wow hey on July 14, Reply extremely fuckable on July 14, Reply Turn around pull down the costume bend over and spread your sexy cheecks.

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