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Is prodessors the case, as the findings of this survey suggest, that students who sleep with their teachers tend themselves, once they become teachers, to engage in sex with their students? Teaching of Psychology,2, The pioneering study in this area was conducted by Nielsen, a reporter for the college newspaper at California State University at San Francisco "Teacher's Pets," If so, does this represent a modeling effect?

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In the lower status role of student, a far greater proportion of women than men are sexually active with their teachers, administrators, and clinical supervisors. American Journal of Psychoanalysts,37, What these ratios fail to explain, however, is why the percentage of female faculty, who are in a higher risk situation since the male students outnumber the female is smaller than the percentage of male faculty who have sexual contact with students. It may be, however, that the tendency for sexual activity to occur between male educators and female students is more the result of discrimination or imbalance at a different level of the training program e.

Here the profession must overcome a longstanding failure to acknowledge the area and seek information. Women in the psychotherapeutic relationship. Given the profession's public silence toward the issues thus far, it may be reasonable to assume that many psychologists find it difficult to acknowledge their attraction to or eagerness for sexual relations with their students, let alone that they have considered acting or have already acted on this attraction or eagerness.

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Gender Xxx professors not systematically associated with these beliefs. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, California School of Professional Psychology, With more potential partners of the opposite sex available, female students would seem to be in a higher risk situation than their male counterparts. Also useful for comparison would be carefully collected information on the incidence of student-teacher sexual contact in undergraduate education or the graduate programs of other academic disciplines. Though beset by some serious methodological problems, Nielsen's study appears, on the basis of an extensive literature search, to be the only survey of sexual relations in the teaching of undergraduates or graduate students in other disciplines.

Sexual awareness training for counselors. View a table presenting the findings of national studies of therapist-patient sex published in peer-reviewed journals.

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