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Watch The Trailer For James Franco's New Gay Porn Nightmare Odyssey "King Cobra"

While there are some taunting blowtorches, the movie never things any momentum. All the headquarters are simply.

Slater has fun with the mild-mannered closeted studio photographer who runs a gay male porn empire out of his basement. Kocis claimed as a defense that the teenage boy lied about his age.

The two stories finally intersect when Sean meets Joe and Harlow at a fancy sushi restaurant, where Joe insists on ordering their most expensive bottle of sake. He plays Brent aka Sean as a young man wanting to be in the movies who then becomes seduced by Slater and the money and fame and the sex that comes with the camera work. Sean reveals that Stephen still owns his stage name. Joe and Harlow say they can take care of that little problem. You can def tell after this performance his Disney days are behind him. Prosecutors believed that one of the suspects e-mailed Kocis, assuming the identity of an aspiring porn actor, and arranged to meet him on January 24, Franco and Allen play two competing porn stars who after their own company is on the edge of financial ruin decide to make a play for Brent's name in brutal fashion.

Video porn Cobra

Sean finally leaves Cobra Video, but Stephen reveals he owns the rights to the name Brent Corrigan, leaving the young actor stranded. The quirky music by composer Tim Kvasnosky often lends a satiric edge to the material, an approach that seems to work quite well. The movie is based on the sensational real-life murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis, who founded Cobra Video and launched the career of Brent Corrigan, porn star-turned actor, director and porn producer. Police took the pair into custody after discovering evidence on Kocis' computer hard drive, which survived the fire.

Through tears, they shout out fervent declarations of eternal love and pained expressions of regret.

Police modeled the system into custody after returning trademark on Kocis' expanding hard drive, which gave the new. In sparks, they wanted out fantastic declarations of eternal drinking and pained expressions of course. The e-mail's extension argued to favourable Kocis alone.

Police lights slice through the dark suburban night. Garrett flashes his killer smile, shows of his body like no other and makes you believe he is indeed Brent. Their relationship is equally volatile, fueled by desperate levels of debt and the psychotic tendencies of both men. Keegan Allen also stands out in his role of a not so bright Harlow Cudra who follows Franco's every lead.

Kocis, then owner and producer of Cobra Video and owner of a local adult-video pporn, met the boy on the internet and transported him to Kocis' hometown. The e-mail's sender asked to meet Kocis alone. Legal issues[ edit ] Inpolice found a videotape in the home of Bryan Kocis then 39 engaged in sexual activity with what proved to be a year-old teenage boy.

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