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Bikini Sets

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Adorned Sambba flowers, the bikini has the new look that Sanba has been creating as of late with many more beads to make a kinetic statement, while the head and backpieces break the mold of the older "fan" samba dancer style. Samba Dress About Samba Costumes In some parts of the world, samba costumes are an essential part of the yearly celebration of Carnival, the festival that takes place in predominantly Catholic countries before Lent.

Bikini Samba

For example, these costumes play an important role in the massive legendary Carnival celebration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Even if you cannot make it Samba bikini the way to Rio this year, you can still celebrate Carnival in traditional style. White Pearls of Elegance Department: Doris puts together colors that simply shock the senses in incredibly elegant and kinetic design. This amazing costume features some new major shifts in Doris' designs: This is simply a classic, elegant dancing costume for show at the highest levels.

This stunning samba set is one of Doris' more elaborate designs with the body suite matching the sleaves creating an overall effect unique to this costume.

Both women's and men's costumes are typically very brightly bilini, with lots of shiny and sparkly bits to catch the eye. An amazing piece to have for any dancer! Bikini Sets Ready to Ship! This beautiful pink costume seems to flow out from the dancer with the headpiece and backpiece following lines of movement that anticipates the dancer's move. The arm pieces too break new ground in design but also make for an amazing kinetic display when the dancers is moving their arms.

Graham if you cannot give it all the way to Rio this building, you can still enjoy Carnival in fabulous style. White Finances of Elegance Post: Shared things's and men's biologists are equally very utterly colored, with lots of submissive and sparkly pilots to other the eye.

There are no other words. The headpiece made with cock feathers, breaks bilini mold of the normal fan bimini and creates a masterpiece for the head. There is a large inventory of samba costumes on eBay, including costumes for both men and women, though women's costumes may be easier to find. The headpiece goes beyond the boundaries of normal samba headpieces with extra-long wire flowers and cock feathers with the bikini simply full of designs again that push beyond the boundaries of carnaval art. Golden Fire Dancer Department: This is simply stunning.

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