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Despite all of that the women on staff are some of the most pleasant of any working in a similar facility. Most of the women on staff are average in looks and shape. Ages range from the mid to late twenties. These rooms are just large enough to fit a king sized bed and a shower.

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They are only steps away from the lobby and aforementioned waiting rooms and the doors have large glass windows in them Deluxw are kept covered with towels. They have slightly unpleasant odors of the kind that basements often have and linens that have seen better days. To its credit the management at Deluxe has strategically placed large mirrors around the room to make things a little more fun. Upon entering the room both the customer and the masseuse will get out of their regular clothes to prepare for the shower. Things there are pretty straight forward.

After the shower the special services commences. The level of service at a place like this will always depend on the service provider, the customer and any other number of factors. In general it can be said that a good level of service is standard and that a spectacular level of service even appears from time to time. Once the fun is over another shower usually occurs before things draw to a close. Once everything is set the customer heads back out the door.

Sex Deluxe spa

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