How to give clitoral orgasm

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5 Types of Orgasms and How to Get One (or More)

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For more sensitive people, continuous play may lead to an orgasm. Now, how tto we make these orgasms happen? The best way to stimulate the clitoris is by gently rubbing with the fingers, palm, or tongue in a back and forth or circular motion. Clitoral orgasm Once the clitoris begins to get wet — or after you add lube because not all vaginas can get wet on their own — apply faster and harder pressure in a repetitive motion. Top off this motion with heavy pressure as the orgasm begins to intensify the feeling.

Give clitoral to orgasm How

Back down a little if the clit is too sensitive. Instead of a penis, try fingers or a sex toy. Vaginal orgasm Aim to use fingers or a toy for penetration instead of the penis. Repeat motions that feel good so that the feelings will build up. Exploring the anal orgasm Anal orgasms are much more common in men because of the prostate, but can also be achieved simply by rubbing the outside of the anal opening as well as stimulating the inside of the anus with a finger. When it comes to anal sex, please, please, please use lube. Going for the combo and erogenous zones In order to achieve a combo orgasm, combine clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time, either in parallel or opposite rhythms — whatever feels best for you or your partner.

Finally, erogenous zone orgasms are achieved exclusively through a lot of experimentation. You may be able to orgasm from kisses on your neck, teeth on your nipples, or fingers on the inside of your elbows. The best way to find your erogenous zones is to use a feather or another light external object and take note where you feel the most pleasure. Not only is consent literally required by lawbut telling your partner what you want, how, and where is the best way to ensure maximum pleasure. This means asking for what you want either with words or with your body language. This also means being open to experimentation. Therefore, due to the clitoris sensitivity, it is very important for him to learn how to stimulate it properly to give you lots of pleasure and never pain.

Any of the following clitoral stimulation techniques can be performed with the tongue focused on the outside of the clitoral hood, with the exception of the upwards stroke which he will use once your clit is ready for that kind of stimulation.

Sweeping This move is very easy and feels great to you. He must position his tongue on either the ofgasm or left side of the clitoris and move from side to side as though he were sweeping a floor. He can start with slow strokes and gradually increase speed. Circles This one is one of the best! He will take your clitoris gently into his mouth and lightly suck on it — much as though he were drinking from a straw.

Amalgam rooftops enjoy this move, but some others don't. As a shelf, he can use the tip of his time to masterfully flick your most while it is in his memory — release your dating and gay.

This movement in particular is best done with clittoral care — meaning soft and slow! Orvasm him know if you like this move or not. Most women enjoy this move, but some others don't. Find out if you like it. Do you remember how I said that having him drawing circles with his tongue will feel amazing? Well, just imagine how would you feel if he draws a variety of different shapes other that just a circle! Basically, it feels amazing! He can vary this technique using numbers or even writing sexy or romantic stuff that you can maybe guess.

Encourage him to get creative on this one! The ABC stroke is a powerful move tto it gives just the right amount of contact to both the clitoral hood and the clitoral head while mixing things up. He will provide perfect contact, an excellent rhythm and variety because no two strokes are exactly the same.

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