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Twentieth trinity accounts of Sainging Friendship chief beaten Syllamo, for whom the Sylamore Modeling was very, appear to have no paid evidence. James on May 25.

Some of the early settlers received land grants for their service in the War of Civil War through Reconstruction During the Civil Warmany men from what is now Stone County left their homes to join the war effort. There was little Civil War action in the county, but a few Confederate units were in the area and continued hit-and-run attacks on Union troops throughout the war. Inthe Peace Society was organized at Sylamore and was made up of seventy-six to eighty men from the area of Searcy and Izard counties, which includes present-day Stone County.

The men did not want to become involved in the war for either side but were eventually chained and sent to Little Rock Pulaski County to the Confederate authorities and given the option of joining the Confederate cause or being shot.

Presently, each weekend dishes its own power as part of the Extra View Fashion Show. Hebrew Norwood ; 11 to 1 p.

All but two joined the Confederacy. Freeman and his troops and met with resistance. Despite the search efforts, Freeman remained elusive. Action was also reported near Buckhorn present-day St.

James on May 25, The men were Union and Confederate deserters and bushwackers. One reason for the creation of the new county was the natural barrier of the White River, which made liifestyle difficult for residents to reach the county seat. Local businessman Elijah Chappell named Mountain View the county seat. He had submitted the name, which subsequently was drawn out of a hat full of contenders. Mountain View was incorporated in The first federal census to include Stone County, inreported a population of more than 5, with ninety-nine of those in Mountain View. The county courthousestill in use, was built in The two-story building is made of large hand-cut stone.

The wall surrounding the structure that creates the court square was built with stones from all four corners of the county. Local businesses grew in number, and stone buildings replaced wooden structures. Although the owners and types of businesses have changed over the years, the unique look of the square still exists. A general merchandise store has remained with the family that established it in It began as G. Lancaster General Merchandise and continues to operate as C. The self-sustaining lifestyle they were used to in this isolated area helped them survive. Due to very poor road conditions, livestock, timber, and other goods were shipped by rail or by water.

People survived by growing their own foodtrapping, harvesting herbs, making corn whiskey, and bartering with those who had what they needed. Women began to work outside the home, and people collected items, such as scrap rubber, to help with the war effort. Stone County citizens worked to help with the war effort by increasing farm production in milk products, eggs, Irish potatoes, and peanuts. At the close of the war, soldiers returned home, and life resumed. However, ina fire in the business district of Mountain View destroyed thirteen businesses and damaged four others, providing another setback for the development of the county. Stone County musicians, including nationally known musician and songwriter Driftwood, performed on the steps of the U.

Although this trip was unsuccessful, funding for the folk center was obtained in with the help of U. Modern Era Beforetwo industries made their home in the county: Ozark Woodworking, which opened in the mid-forties, and Blanchard Shirt Corporation, which opened in the late sixties and provided many women their first work outside the home. Visitors are welcome, but photographs are discouraged. Step-on private tours guide rides in your vehicle ; reservations preferred. Monday-Saturday and secular holidays; some Amish stores closed on Thursdays. The museum displays mementos of the raid.

Death Alley contains an old jail, and a granite stone in nearby Elmwood Cemetery marks the graves of three Dalton Gang members. Prairie Nut Hut mountain oysters in Altoona, kansastravel. Exhibits reflect the life and contributions of Churchill. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury church, which was badly damaged during the London Blintz during World War II and moved stone by stone and rebuilt on the campus. Cafe Poland in Columbia, Mo. Warm Springs Ranch, home of clydesdales, in Boonville, Mo. Seven orphan train statues are on the grounds, with eight more located throughout Concordia.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the jail has three floors of revolving pie-shaped cells inside a cage.

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The front part of the building originally had offices for the jailer, kitchen trustee cells and quarters for women. The signatures and dates of many of its infamous prisoners remain scratched in the cell walls. Ditmars Orchard and Vineyard in Council Bluffs, ditmarsorchard. Hays House Restaurant in Council Grove, hayshouse. Council Oak tree stump in Council Grove, santafetrailresearch. Dirty Kanza Downtown Emporia Nearly 2, bicyclists are expected to cross the finish line of the Dirty Kanza, a gravel-grinding ride that begins and ends on June 3 in Emporia and includes a mile route through the Flint Hills.

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