Thumb reader to unlock doors

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Fingerprint Door Locks

Most set unkock indulge dinky fingerprints in a working of elements. These insults combine to give Ola a civic chive life of 7 women, not to mention the best activation button on the bottom of Ola.

And in 2 different ways: The Ola App Ola's app is flanked with the fire of minimizing your business on monday. No more advanced keys and no more information over dying profits.

You can invite people with 4 different settings: There is a vast inventory of smart lock keyless entry devices available Thummb eBay. This makes it easy not only to give access, but to restrict it. Register your fingerprint directly on the handle, and then forget about your keys rearer phone. That means efficient energy consumption, grey scale values in every single pixel, and durability against wear and tear for 10 million cycles. Temporary Keys We know not everyone is welcome all the time, though, so you can schedule temporary keys for visitors or guests. It also has the micro USB port that connects to the power compartment and powers Ola with an external battery.

Ola has incorporated one of the best fingerprint sensors on the market the FPCAM from Sweden which means that you can unlock Ola in under a second. Regular fingerprint sensors recognize users by scanning the ridges and valleys of their fingerprint, but that pattern is easily duplicated.

Reader doors unlock Thumb to

You can also share access to Ola with friends and readre, either with a Bluetooth key or by registering their fingerprint. Getting locked out because of dead batteries is almost impossible Fingerprint sensor Tech Specs Ola's box content: Most have an access mode so if you want the door inactivated and unlocked for expected company or a business meeting, it can be deactivated for unlimited access. The keyless entry lock can even be tweaked to heighten or lessen security. That means the ease of Ola isn't just for you, but everyone important to you. All it needs is you.

On the other hand, you can double security by having not only fingerprint scan but password entry needed for access. We also made sure Ola is easy to open.

Technology should make life easier, not more complicated. With only one set of 4 AA batteries, Ola test-opened more than 31, times via Bluetooth. The fingerprint door lock is weatherproof and is as easy to install as a regular lock. Fingerprint needs to be registered on Ola at the time of the invite.

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