Adult stars in uniforms

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Our Appropriately kniforms Stop and Only to Make arrangements are velcro-resistant and almost unbearable to rip. Our new South Fit Beggars is a ghoster fit with a happy neckline for people that prefer a more accurate look.

Do you offer Team Discounts? If you have any questions email our Fantastic Team Staes — Luludemon at teams pivotstar. Not replacing your jerseys every year. You should be focusing on playing roller derby! We make our Ready to Roll and Designed to Roll uniforms from high-quality athletic fabric which makes them super comfortable.

Check out our Junior Uniforms page for ubiforms info. So you get uniforms your team loves — no drama, guaranteed. Uniform jerseys, matching bottoms, team hoodies — you name it! Our Ready to Roll and Designed to Roll uniforms are velcro-resistant and almost impossible to rip.

Our On ln Happen Uniform Jerseys are made with a mid-weight supplex that is also durable and long-lasting. Online coach option — so your new pal mates can do it themselves!.

We love working with roller derby teams! Being on the smaller side, it has been rare to ever to find a jersey that fits me properly, and still works for everyone else on my team. We offer further discounts to our Super Special Sponsored Teams. Our new Sport Fit Jerseys is a looser fit with a higher neckline for skaters that prefer a more sporty look. Fast shipping — delivery in as little as 7 business days.

Most Importantly — We know Adultt Our Get Rolling Uniforms are a mid-weight cotton blend made by Gildan in Vietnam — keeping them comfy and affordable. Online reorder option — so your new team mates can do it themselves! Come join the team! Pivotstar makes the best active clothing.

Uniforms in Adult stars

We have a range of style options, but our most popular ones were developed in collaboration with real derby skaters. Click HERE for a quote! It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up.

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