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Whereabouts of almost 1,300 Missouri sex offenders unknown

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In that instance, the system labeled the offender as compliant, even though, to date, he or she hasn't registered in days. During the press conference, Galloway acknowledged that Missouri police departments have long missokri to enforce the rules of the registry. The burden of sex offender enforcement appears have hit St. Louis city particularly hard. The audit found that of the city's 1, registered sex offenders, are non-compliant, a rate of Louis city with the second highest percentage of non-compliant offenders in Missouri, trailing only Jackson County. Law enforcement failures, Galloway noted, create ripple effects.

If a local police department doesn't apply for warrants or fails to identify non-compliant offenders, there's no way for another agency to pick up the slack. If an officer pulls over a non-compliant offender for a traffic violation, he won't know to take action.

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Beyond that, public trust and safety is at stake. She testified before the legislature in favor of the bill that instituted separate tiers to Missouri's sex offender laws. But she'd like to go further. Henry believes the public sex offender registry — the database allows anyone to see offenders' mugshots and addresses, not just law enforcement — should be abolished. She says that Galloway's audit reinforces the faulty assumption that harsh restrictions are the only thing keeping the offenders from recommitting heinous crimes.

In reality, though, the subject of sex offender recidivism is contentious, and even U. Supreme Court decisions on the matter have been called into question for relying on shoddy or nonexistent evidence.

Henry wasn't surprised to learn the audit's results. Sex offenders routinely lose jobs or residences, and there's always a danger ot a neighbor or vigilante will find their names and photos on the public registry. Additionally, homelessness is rampant among sex offenders, making the listed addresses in the public registry suspect at best. Henry's own organization once used the addresses listed on the Missouri Highway Patrol database to send mailers to individual offenders. But she worries that these local departments — which are already struggling to accomplish basic data entry — aren't ready to handle the new tasks needed to accomplish the legislature's reforms.

For example, the new law requires the Highway Patrol update its public registry to show an individual offender's tier.

Henry says she's already received multiple reports that the tiers are being incorrectly entered, and that even low-level offenders are being labeled as tier 3. Henry knows the impact of Missouri's registry first-hand. Her own son, who spoke to RFT on condition of anonymity for our cover story, spent 48 months in a Navy prison and treatment center for possessing child pornography. He then lived with his mother for the next six years, but in Septemberhe was arrested in a SWAT raid at Henry's home. Louis, the whereabouts of more than 10 percent of sex offenders is unknown.

Galloway said the audit did not compare compliance rates in Missouri with other states, nor did it examine if non-compliant sex offenders committed additional crimes. However, other states have had similar problems with keeping up with sex offenders. By contrast, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley said in August that the statewide compliance rate for registered sex offenders there was The most dangerous sex offenders are listed in Tier III for offenses that include rape, sodomy or first- or second-degree child molestation.

Those offenders must register with local police every 90 days for the rest of their lives.

Missouri List offenders of sex

Galloway said the audit found that at least of the non-compliant misouri met the criteria for Tier III. She singled out St. Louis, where of the unaccounted for sex offenders fall into the most dangerous category. The audit showed the problem persists in places large and small. Stoddard County in rural southeast Missouri had the highest rate of unaccounted for sex offenders, Butler County, also in southeast Missouri, was third-worst at 20 percent, followed by St. Louis city at

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