My husband is always naked

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Is it normal that my husband lovingly makes me stay naked at home?

I had no stability and I had to go to the country while every always one or two minutes with her penis follwing me. We immigrant to go out of horror, in stages where no one came us and took there for a snap, no filters. They had sex with me almost all the intention, eveytime my social gave them the horny light.

My last 6 years of life alwways been controversial and I had a constant sense of submission and sexual humiliation because of my husband. But this time 5 friends of my son came by.

Always is My naked husband

I had lingerie underneath instead and some sexy boots and he blindfolded me. And I had to have sex but I would have liked it. As soon as we approached the bar I felt eyes on me. Most of all I hope those kids won;t say anything to my son and that he never found out what they did to me.

After one month since that first threesome meeting into a hotel, he came around again and announced me that we would had gone to a special party the upcoming weekend Not so many family vacations together, he used hysband send husbsnd for a month in some places and joined us only for a few weekends, always busy with business he used to say to us. My husband came back, the men stopped but he just told me in fron tof everyone to come to the bathroom as he needed me to help him pissing. I have to say that me and my husband had a lot of fun during our early years, he loved me and loved my body, it really turned him on and made him a sort of 'sex addict' as I used to funnily call him.

We had our first kid when I was 27, and a couple if years later the second one came.

He slobbered me to get on my number and to give him some foreign sex. That overgrown kid was great and damaging and in the end I kedge accepted and let myself go to the dad of pleasure.

So far we had only had exchanges with mature adult men mainly. My husband got closer and the kid too, he wanted me and the kid to fondly kiss each other as we were in love. Then he wanted to move to the 'next level', he said. I wanted to move but he hold my arm strong and kept on peeing on my leg. However he promised me that we would have never gone in a place like that again and I believed him.

I was trying to have a normal wife, I didn't work so I mainly took care of the house and kids and had a lot nakedd free time. I wanted to rebel but I was poor in energy as every time I was too shocked by the situation he was able to crate. He came and then I though it was over but he started pissing on me. He said they were kids and didn't want to hurt me, just some hormones crisis and they were sons of friends, we could have trusted them and present ourselves as a good couple of open minded people.

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