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Mandy responds he is a great dad, and decides not to tell she is actually at a party. When she does, Tom tells her he trusts her, and asks her if he has been a good dad. Meanwhile, Mandy is annoyed with having an old dinosaur of a phone, which doesn't seem to work all the time. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Meanwhile, the girls are able to cross the guard. Tom replies that he trusts her and should let her go. She asks Alexa if she has any home videos of her mother.

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They share a passionate kiss in the light, as the prom goers including Alexa and Cayenne snap photos of the kiss on their camera phones. They head to the mall, where Lisa secretly slips nuts Mandy has a nut allergy into Mandy's drink. In Drew's house, Mandy notices Lisa wearing the same dress. She begs the audience to help her out and convinces her dad that the audience is the screen of a DVD they're watching. She wants to give up and go home, and Alexa now reveals Drew's intentions in using her.

However, she is scared when Tom reveals his intentions in moving with her when she goes to college at UCSB next year. Her father calls her in the middle of her performance. They later find a dress, and Tom calls yet again.

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