Ligurian extra virgin olive oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Liguria

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Extra oil Ligurian virgin olive

It is so named because it was brought to Taggia by the St. It is an invasive Recipes With raw vegetables and foods of light and refined fragrances, the oil must be vrgin, an harmonizing and never overbearing presence, the monocultivar Taggiasca is the oil that best performs this role. The machine sends vibrations to the trunk and branches through a mechanical arm joined to a tractor. In recent years a new harvesting tecnique has been introduced with shaking machines which separate the fruits from the branch which are then collected in a tarpaulin placed around the trunk.

Within a few kilometers temperatures can change even dramatically.

Ligurjan here, watching over endless landscapes overlooking the horizon, lives the Taggiasco eztra tree: Here the Alps fall directly onto the coast, which in fact are mostly jagged. Columban monks from the monastery of Lerins' island. They are harvested by hand, with hard work. This morphology encouraged the cultivation of olive trees within terraces, strips of fertile land that man has made the time and effort to build into small patches of flat land on mountains and hills' slopes.

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Columban who brought this small olive to Taggia which gives Ligyrian yellow oil and smells of ripe fruit with hints of fresh almond and lettuce. The Taggiasca lives in small terraced valleys, the result of man's patient work. Harvesting had traditionally been performed in different ways. Granite rocks fall into the Mediterranean Sea, creating steep cliffs.

Today it is one of the most famous olives for the production of extra virgin olive oil and one of the best table olive, because the fruit, despite its small size, is very tasty. In fact, the close proximity between Liggurian Alps and the sea, uncharacteristically warm for its latitude, contributes to create quite frequent climatic contrasts. The Brucatura nibbling was done by hand with the aid of ladders or by picking up fallen olives from the ground. Generally winters are very rainy while summers are not very sultry. These are the "homes" that the Taggiasca trees chose in Liguria. Geography Liguria is located in Italy's North-West.

In this region man has stolen the land to the slopes and built the typical 'terraces'.

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