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Couple lying together in bed.

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So for however long your interaction with her lasts, make it count. Take into account what she needs and give her your undivided attention. This is how you really turn a woman on and keep her orhasm on: Not to boost your own ego, but to make her happy. To really please a woman, otgasm focus needs to be on consent, open communication and respect to ensure a mutually satisfying experience. Pain and pleasure are both active and intertwined in the brain during orgasm — literally. So, feel free to add some safe and consensual variety to your sex play. Researchers Komisaruk and colleagues found that there are over thirty areas of the brain that are active during female orgasm — including areas of the brain that are involved in the processing of pain.

According to Komisaruk, this may have something to do with the pain-relieving effects of orgasm. The pain threshold of women increases with vaginal stimulation — which means that women are more likely to tolerate pain when they are pleasuring themselves or being pleased. Some women enjoy getting creative with this concept, while others would prefer to leave it out of the experience altogether. Be sure to know what your partner actually wants before engaging in any type of activity that might make her uncomfortable.

Does the smoke detector always blink red and green? Yojr better not be broken. That would be annoying. There is so yoour dust on those frames! Why is he slowing down? He better not be trying to hold out so he can give me a second orgasm or something. Time to focus… Time for a little mid-sex ball massage… Daedone had little trouble luring young males to her gatherings, for voyeuristic reasons perhaps.

For the man, poised with his finger on gour hot spot, the woman has become the ultimate gaming device. While he masterfully negotiates one of the most complex biomorphic systems in evolutionary history, his payoff lies in having total control of another human being. To me, orgasmic meditation was yoyr perfect complement to the social isolation of the internet, where young people passionately interact with each other via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but never have to share physical contact. With OM, the process works in reverse: A little more to the left.

In the Mandarin court 1, years ago, Taoist dandies learned to withhold their jing or ching ejaculation during intercourse, not only because they believed that retaining semen would make them live forever, but because sex without orgasm was infinitely more pleasurable, and allowed their partners more time for sexual fulfilment. Male climax, except in the service of creating a baby, was considered draining and depressing.

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Although there is brief pleasure, in the end oryasm is discomfort. During intercourse that could last for hours, accompanied by chanting Submit your orgasm pungent Sjbmit of incense, couples would Suhmit to a timeless ecstatic state in which they transubstantiated into gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon, and at the orgaam point switched genders. Curiously, Christian traditions of sex without orgasm go Submitt even farther than those originating in Asia. Gnostic males might have been partly motivated by the fact that intercourse without ejaculation can be a workable form of birth control.

According to the Gnostic Gospel of Philip: As early as the s, the Zen philosopher Alan W Watts, a gentle, hyper-educated British transplant who lived in San Francisco and hosted a popular public radio programme, was spending a lot of time thinking out loud about the problem of man and woman, and therefore of orgasm. He noted that the contemporary sexual landscape was a dismal wasteland. He felt that knights returning home from the Crusades might have brought back with them Tantric-style sexual traditions that had drifted westward, possibly through Persia. Such notions of romantic or courtly love, spun down through the centuries by the ballads of medieval troubadours, were eventually taken up as official doctrine by the church, which was one reason why marriages are made for love today rather than arranged like business contracts as they often were in the Middle Ages.

If followed with an open mind, Cathar-style lovemaking still had use, Watts thought.

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In the following decade, as his interests branched out from Eastern mysticism into psychedelic drugs and various sorts of sexual exploration, Watts became a spiritual beacon for the counterculture movement, much like his friend and fellow British expatriate, Aldous Huxley, who was living in Hollywood at the time and writing about his experiences taking mescaline. Unlike the dystopian Brave New World, published three decades earlier, Island showed the direction that Huxley felt the world should be heading in, towards truth and freedom and away from the cycle of sexual dissatisfaction in which our culture found itself trapped.

According to her oft-told story, she was on the verge of taking vows of celibacy in order to become a Buddhist nun when she met Ray Vetterlein at a party. He was a scrawny year-old from Novato, California, with a gravelly voice and a craggy jawline, who was seen as something of a living national treasure by his followers. For half a century, he had done little, apparently, but give women deep, sincere, life-changing orgasms. Vetterlein died in at the age of 85, and towards the end of his life he had come to see sex as a purely spiritual act.

Sexual energy, he would say, was the same energy that joined the stars together in the cosmos and atoms together in your hand, the same energy as the electromagnetic or the strong and weak forces or gravity. Eventually, he learned to make a woman climax just by gently stroking her earlobe, touching her arm, placing his palm on her belly, or even by looking at her from across the room, or so he claimed. He could sustain orgasm in a woman for three continuous hours. A study discovered that a powerful orgasm is equivalent to a shot of Valium, a drug a drug that relieves stress, and works immediately as a relaxant.

Several studies have shown happily married couples are likely to live longer than singles or those in negative relationships. Also women who have two orgasms a week are up to 30 per cent less likely to develop heart diseases. Make the most of it: Boost your orgasm potential by investing in a sex toy B: Babies and even animals that are deprived of this hormone, which is triggered by positive touching, often fail to thrive. Research has found that oxytocin can dramatically boost longevity and people in relationships are less vulnerable to chronic diseases and depression.

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