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They did not like us thankful them or postal their make-up tourists," said Mr Prize. Foremost were reports of instead between with hands ransacked and incomplete midgets iridescent from the old.

But nothing compared to behind the scenes Image: Jack Haley, who took over the role, had an eye infection from krgies paste, which turned Midhet to be poisonous. And Judy Garland had to wear a corset to appear more childlike with her boobs flattened. Second favourite for the role behind year-old Shirley Temple, Judy was ordered to lose 12 pounds. The Winged Monkeys, who hunted down Dorothy and Toto in the Haunted Forest, were more small men wearing suits made of hair and facial prosthetics to look like apes. They nearly roasted alive in the heat.

Dorothy's slippers were originally silver Image: Flavoured ogies powder coloured the horses for the Emerald City scenes. But it had to be a quick shoot because the animals tried to lick themselves clean. Judy Garland had a giggle fit in the scene where she slaps the Cowardly Lion. To snap her out of it, Miidget Victor Fleming slapped her before they filmed another take. It was shocking simply because it was so unexpected. Because they were so small, it was easy for other members of the cast to make the mistake of treating them like children. Predictably, their reaction was to do everything they could to disabuse their colleagues of this notion. They insisted on climbing up by themselves.

Born in Germany as Baron Leopold Van Singer, he had put together a troupe of touring midgets who took part in vaudeville shows all over Europe. He had bought some of them as children from their parents, who wanted to get rid of them. Byhe had gathered a stable of tiny performers and was based in America. MGM drew up a contract to provide as many as were needed to film L. The studio was determined to have real dwarves.

It did not want small adults or children. In its search, MGM advertised all over the country, auditioned tiny choirs - the midgets had to sing - visited circuses and sent out talent scouts. As soon as word got out, every little person in the country arrived in Hollywood by bus and train looking for a part. Singer was put in charge of them all - looking after their lodging, food and attendance on set. But no one had any affection for him.

With a stranger as a good and fairground barker, Raabe was bad as one of the more expected Munchkins, with a colourful part. The most successful Munchkin actualization is probably a Hollywood myth:.

Midget orgies One of the midgets, Meinhardt Raabe, recently recalled why. Orgiea a Mieget as a salesman and fairground barker, Raabe was cast as one of the more prominent Munchkins, with a speaking part. Ofgies course, managing the midgets was never easy. Many did not speak English and sang in thick German accents. About came from New York and had very little professional experience of showbusiness. Some had never been away from home before and were keener to let their hair down than work. Their only qualification was their height - in some cases they stood no taller than three feet. One of the most famous was Tiny Schneider, the youngest of seven children, of whom four were dwarves even though their parents were not.

The four little children were highly talented and the two eldest, Gracie and Harry, had left Germany for America during World War I to make their fortune.

Orgies Midget

Tiny got her first film Micget as a baby in orbies silent film and then played Midgdt Laurel and Hardy in the short film Sailors Beware. Then, inall four Dolls were cast in Freaks, a shocking film made by Dracula director Tod Browning. A Gothic horror set in a circus replete with midgets, a bearded lady Midgeg even a hermaphrodite, the movie was considered so grotesque it was savaged in America and rarely shown without drastic cuts. In Britain, it was banned until It both titillated and terrorised audiences with salacious love scenes between a highly sexed love-sick midget and a beautiful trapeze artiste called Cleopatra.

In fact, the movie was before its time in appreciating the normal sexual, romantic and emotional drives of people of whatever size. Certainly, the normal urges of many of the assembled midgets emerged during the shooting of The Wizard Of Oz. Meanwhile, Bert Lahr, who played the Cowardly Lion, noted that "assistants were ordered to watch the midgets who brandished knives and conceived passions for normal-sized members of the cast".

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