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That defies wallpaoers, does it not? Case in point, many times a change in position will facilitate a stalled labor. Not many mothers know about them. Herbal baths are done anywhere from a few hours postpartum to a day or two later, and aid in healing the perineum. They also smell divine herbs like chamomile and lavender are used and promote bonding between mother and baby.

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Some might say they are more photo worthy. This moment for instance, is mesmerizing. Baby is passing between the womb and her mother. I love the way Mom is reaching for her child, eagerly awaiting her placement in her arms. But birth tubs take some time to blow up, and fill. Her pep talk worked! Karyn Loftesness Photography "She got into a pushing position on her hands and knees and her water broke almost immediately. She started pushing gently, easing him out. It was incredible to watch him be born! Silas' head is last to emerge Image: Karyn Loftesness Photography "First the bum, then one leg popped out, then the next, then the torso, both elbows, then one hand, and then the other hand, and finally the head!

Karyn Loftesness Photography After Raychel had her first few cuddles and nursed him for a while, her midwife helped her cut the cord. To everyone's amazement, the little boy weighed in at impressive 8 lbs 14 oz. Regardless, the narrative in which vaginas need to be fresh, fruity or flavourless, rather than taste like themselves, needs to die. In another article, this one, on Thought Catalog13 men described the flavour of their girlfriend's vaginas, with answers ranging from "strawberry ice cream" to "nothing. Feminine hygiene aisles are stocked with sprays, wipes and powders that we use to soak up moisture and extend our fresh-out-of-the-shower flavourless-ness.

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All of Vaginal wallpapers reflects a culture of shame when it comes to our vaginas. PeopleImages via Getty Images As a teenager, vagina shame manifested as a reluctance for my partners to eat me outalthough I was comfortable performing oral sex on them. In my early twenties, I was using every Summer's Eve product in their lineup, even after my boyfriend reassured me that it was unnecessary. I kept my fridge stocked with pineapples, because some Instagram guru claimed that ingesting them added sweetness to your lady bits. And while my behaviour seems unusual to me now, it felt like a fundamental aspect of womanhood at the time. I imagined that some women were guilty of vaginal neglect, in which they were simply washing their genitals, rather than waxing, spraying and dieting them into submission, like I was.

I had two roommates with their own rosters of feminine hygiene products, and I remember us celebrating what this meant about our bodies: But vaginas don't actually require alteration. They don't need special packaging, or to be flavoured like ice cream. And men, whose semen can taste anywhere from bitter to sweet to bleachy, are rarely met with unrealistic flavour standards the way women are.

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