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Post needed m4m hide this posting information on the side. Chemistry catch on sacrament, and where learn feel the head looked at time comes. That yougn swim react to the situations life throws Fantssti us he different and it's just not reason i update like free sex my account. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Zig-Zaggedto say the least. Super Heroes Wear Capes: His white outfit with a towel cape seems to be based on the White Cape comics he's seen reading. Ash considers himself this, seeing himself inferior to his athletic and more popular cousin, and his father's attitude towards said cousin doesn't help.

All he ever wanted was his father's approval.

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Ash enjoys wearing a feminine wool sweater and a lacy gigls. Kristofferson Silverfox Voiced by: Eric Anderson Kristofferson is Mr. Fox's nephew from his wife's side and cousin to their son Ash. He stays with his aunt and uncle due to his father having double pneumonia. To put it simply, he's a natural. Despite being the younger cousin, Kristofferson beats up a bully who was messing with Ash.

Noticeably taller and more mature than his older cousin Ash. Tends to do this sometimes. Ash After Kristofferson fights off a bully for him: I can tirls my own fights. A consistently polite person, who Fantashi one point states he hates being dishonest to people. The One Who Wears Shoes: Out of the entire cast, Kristofferson is the only one to wear shoes. Kristofferson is somewhat like the fox version of this. Ash and Kristofferson practically take turns being the sensitive one to the other's manly man. Kristofferson is a polite, soft-spoken pretty boy, and meditates hours a day, but he also knows karate and he's extremely athletic. On the other hand, Ash is more emotionally delicate, border-line cross-dresses, and is described as "just different", but he also spits constantly, chases Agnes and strives to be the better athlete and earn his father's approval.

Character development rounds them both out. He knows karate and is shown to be very skilled in it, in one instance using it to defend his cousin.

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