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Pope summons bishops for sex abuse scandal meeting as thousands of cases emerge in Germany

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Thousands of porn gerjany on computers Prosecutors had been investigating suspected child abuse at the seminary for several months but the allegations blew up into a national scandal last week when the magazine Profil ran pictures of seminary members groping each other.

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Der Spiegel magazine reported on Wednesday that a study commissioned by the German Bishops' Conference had sandel that 1, clerics and priests had sexually abused 3, gremany, mostly males, in Germany over a year period. In January cannabis plants were also discovered in a hall being rented by an organisation for adult education that was also controlled by the businessman, according to the Kurier newspaper. The rector of the seminary and his assistant have both resigned, and the seminary has been closed. The scandal quickly spread to Hamburg, Bonn and Munich.

He has denied any connection to the plants but prosecutors are investigating. His files show several incidences of reported ssex beginning with an open letter in Canisius College in that criticised his sex education tactics, though there was no evidence of rape or sexual intercourse in his files, Dartmann said. The church now has no contact with him, Dartmann said. The school's headmaster Father Klaus Mertes sent a letter to some former students at Canisius College who may have been victims of at least two priests on staff. Schonborn's remarks followed further revelations of abuse across Europe, with new incidents coming to light in Austria, Germany and the Netherlandsand followed claims by an Italian academic that a greater presence of women in the Vatican could have prevented clerical sexual abuse from taking place.

The arch-conservative bishop of St.

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He was suspended germanu andand then left the order in Writing in L'Osservatore Romano, Lucetta Scaraffia said women might have helped remove the "veil of secrecy" surrounding the abuse. Blasien in the Black Forest and stayed until before moving on to Chile in Bishop Kurt Krenn, 68, was in overall charge of the seminary where investigators found thousands of lewd images, including child pornography. Berlin's Canisius college, an elite jesuit school, was where the first allegations of sexual abuse were made public. Prosecutors now say the fraud was so extensive that it qualifies as a criminal network, and it also included social clubs and Muslim associations, which were often set up with false paperwork.

The Church is shielding the offenders and that speaks volumes.

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