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With popularization of MTB-s and off road cycling, this design caused some problems. Cables were easily covered in mud and even damaged on rocks. Cable routing was then transfered to the top part of the bicycle along the top tube. Ultimately you want to hit the ball then the turf to make consistent contact.

Golf legends like Johnny Miller, Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus all believe this is the most important lesson in developing a consistent swing. This is known as finding the bottom of your swing or bottoming out the golf club. To hit pure irons shots, the ball needs to be positioned behind the bottom out spot. This will ensure that you are striking the ball with a descending blow, compressing it against the ground and creating the ideal trajectory and velocity.

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Unfortunately, so many amateur golfers miss this concept completely. A lot of them try to help the ball and lift it off the ground. Finding the Bottom of Your Swing in Golf Inconsistent iron shots are frustrating bottm usually result in fat shots that end up way short botto thin misses that sail the green. Every golfer should be striving for a consistent bottom of the arc on every swnig swing. There is no lifting or dipping of the upper body but a simple rotation around the angle of the spine. This means that from setup through impact, you are remaining in the same position with your sternum over the golf ball through impact.

Find a fairway bunker where you can practice to identify where the bottom of the arc in your golf swing is at impact. Draw a line in the sand at where you address the golf ball. Take a few practice swings and note where the divot starts compared to the line you just drew. Ideally, you want the low point where the divot starts ahead of the line not behind it. If you can get the low point in front of the ball, your shots will go straighter and farther. Use these methods so you can start squeezing the ball and hitting crisp iron shots like the pros. Keep your head level 2 — Move as a Block This swing thought has you imagining that your hands, wrists and arms are all held together as they would be if in cement.

It limits movement early in the swing through the rotation of the shoulders. It also helps to protect against early hinging the wrists during the takeaway.

This mental image is especially helpful for those that are prone to developing the yips. As we know, yips often take the form of uncontrollable movements made by the wrists that seem to answer to someone else than the golfer. Not allowing them to move at all during the takeaway — or at all during the entire swing — can be very helpful for delicate chip shots, for example. In that sense, there is no need to try to kill the ball or to hit it as hard as you can. The swing thought also promotes a compact swing that is shielded from overextension problems.

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