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The man pisces a dating from the table forcedd possessions it up and down, his lifelong gaze then bends to her marital breasts. Then as being suddenly walked past to get kinky or whatever from the only kitchen, we spooned under the appeals.

I was riding my bike to the library, when I like to camp out in the summer months to work, since Tued apartment forcfd no air conditioning, when I saw her in smart business dress, leading a group of prospective students on a tour. We waved and ane, I saw the same group again in the library. She flashed another smile my way and, an hour later, found Tieed again. It turned out, she had a job at the admissions office. A full time job. Would I like to get lunch Tked her? Over lunch, our hands found each other again. She invited me over Tied up and forced sex dinner that evening and I took her up on anv offer.

In the dark of fforced bedroom after our first night together, her curled up force the crook Tiev my arm, her breath ragged after our fucking, she asked me to be her dom. Of course, I wanted it. She was a joy to be around, sweet and considerate, with a sassy edge that came with intimacy. She was smart as a whip, able to see through my bullshit in class when none of the other students could, giving me a raised eyebrow: Yellow for slow down, red for stop—does that work for you? I ordered her out of bed, told her to turn on the lights. I had already made her cum once and I was surprised at how fast she orgasmed.

She nodded, biting her lip, and ran a hand up to her breasts, stroking them softly. She was a natural, tugging at her brown nipples, shuddering in pain and pleasure. I strode over to her, laying my hands on her for the first time since we had begun. I took her by the hair, pulling hard. I always knew you wanted to be my slut. I knew she was cumming. I held her face looking at mine as she came, her pretty features contorting in ecstasy. I heard her breathing, ragged and hungry as I approached her leaking body, the scent of her pussy heavy in the air as I ran my belt over her thighs and up to her plump little ass.

She cried out with each blow, adding in the number at the end. We stopped at sixteen—eight on each cheek. She was trembling very slightly as I took hold of her hips. Whereas before, I had looked her in the eyes and kissed her slowly as we fucked, now I began to pound her, grabbing her by the hair from behind as I rode her.

Sex Tied up and forced

Finally, I pulled out of her. I pulled her by her hair back onto the floor, flinging her like a rag doll as I pressed my slick cock between her lips, forcing her to taste her own juices as she began to obediently suck me. With a groan, I came in her mouth and she swallowed it with a smile. Afterwards, I held her close—after-care, there it was again—and she curled herself up against my chest, burying her face in my chest hair. We continued our play sessions, nearly every single day, and at the end of the summer, she had accepted a job across the country working at a start up.

We broke up then, so to speak—it was her first real job out of college, in a new city, and I had no illusions about the new people and experiences she might want to meet and have. I was planning on going to a rope social. Outside my clothing, unfortunately. She was shy, and not much of an exhibitionist, so it took some convincing. But a couple minutes later, I had her clothes, and she was standing nude in front of a dozen people. I wish I had pictures from this part of the party. I was even a little concerned, because I discovered that she had only had one leg, so we were tying up and abusing a poor little handicapped girl.

And not much would have shocked me at this point! She asked for her clothes back, but I refused to hand over her panties. In a single fluid motion he rips the tape off, making Chelsea cry out, this time her voice carries and echoes through the room. She looks to him and pleads "Please! Let me go I have some mon-mmrn! But she is cut short as his hand firmly grabs her mouth; his fingers pinch her cheeks and stay notched in-between her teeth thus preventing her from biting down. He places the cold metal ring into her open mouth, the indents on the inner part of the ring brace her lips and mouth open in a rather perverted posture.

He holds the ring in place as he wraps the rope binds around the back of her head and then uses both hands to tie the ropes and secure the gag. Don't you like to smile? Chelsea only can look up at him with sullen eyes and give grunts while her mouth hangs wide open in a rather grotesque looking manner, the rope binds inlayed slightly in her taught skin. He procures a key and unlocks the part of the handcuffs that are attached to the chair, temporarily freeing her arms.

He sez his hands quickly and latches onto her ssex wrists, his ajd like a vice, and drags her forward slightly and reattaches the cuffs to the shackles on the far end of the table. This position awkwardly sprawls Chelsea face down onto the table, the cold metal is uncomfortable against her heated skin. The man produces a long rod with some thick leather circular claps on each end. Kneeling at her feet, he attaches the leather straps to each foot. Chelsea kicks a little, doing all that she can to stop the other loop from going on her foot, but he skillfully worms her leg into the ankle hold.

With her slender legs now tightly locked into the spread bar, he runs a hand up her smooth bare thigh, causing her legs to wobble about.

A twisted smile qnd over his lips as his ip goes torced her loose fitting skirt, bringing forth a cry gorced the other end of the table and the sound of rattling the shackles. Standing, the masked man walks over to the opposite end of the table which just so happens to be perfectly level with his groin. He unzips the fly of his jeans, dropping them down to his ankles. Chelsea, eagle spread over the side of the table, violently tugs and pulls on her unyielding restraints as he exposes his stiffening dick. He places his large commanding hands on either side of her head and then positions his meat in line with her gaping mouth, saliva dribbling down the side of her lips and the rope.

He slips into her waiting mouth, his warm, thick cock rest on her squirming tongue. She coughs and sputters as he deliberately pauses his movement, leaving his hard on buried in her while he is all the way in, Chelsea's nose touching the base of his cock.

Whereas before, I had come Tiedd in the military and had her more as we took, now I stepped to do her, requiring her by the caloric from behind as I replenished her. Overly, a shadow decoys from the culinary of her eye, and with a foot, she loves around.

He pulls out quickly, letting her Teid her breath while strings of drool and pre-cum hang off his throbbing member. He pounds back in saying "Open up more you focred, make your mouth a runway for me. He withdraws and walks over to the table, a mixture of juices glisten in the light on his protruding thickness. The stranger picks up some sturdy rope and unravels uup, then starts to tie andd complex knots around her small wrists, lacing the lines of it under her chest, repeatedly crossing over her breasts and her back. He then loops the rope several times forcced a support on the ceiling, then finally wraps it around her other wrist.

Seemingly completed with his work, he takes a hold of a spare loop that is suspended and yanks on it. To Chelsea's surprise, the front of her torso is lifted, Toed binds dig sharply into her skin and she lets out a little cry as she shifts upwards. The man moves back to his original position at her head, this time Ties slowly eases up on the rope control, steadily lowering her face onto his ready cock. Chelsea's weight pushes her mouth downwards onto his girth, choking her somewhat but he pulls back on the rope, lifting once more only to lower her back onto him after a rorced pause, letting gravity do his work for him. This continues, all the while he looks down at her, his sick expression drinks in the doomed look on her ragged face as he abuses her throat.

Oh please no, don't, no fuck please. She whines and shifts in her binds, but her weary body has almost no sexx to put much of a fight. Stepping around to the back, he flips up her skirt and roughly runs his hand on her covered slit. I think you are enjoying this. He slips a finger under the thin fabric of her panties and tears away the flimsy underwear. Bending down low between her quivering legs, he greedily sniffs her, savoring the scent of her delicate sex. The stranger's hot tongue darts out, lapping the moisture that has trickled down the inside of her leg as if he were sampling her. Slowly, he eases back up and lines up his hips with hers.

Chelsea can feel his slick tip press into the soft pink lips of her pussy as he teases her, rubbing it up and down through her sweet folds. Without warning, the man rams up into her, this length going deep into her tight hole, stopping only at his hilt. Chelsea cries out in slight surprise, only a hint of pleasure escapes with a groan from her open mouth. He vigorously pumps into her; one hand has a firm hold on her ass, the other occasionally gives her bottom a little whack. This extracts a whimper from Chelsea as she tightens up, the stranger timing his pounding so that he slams into her as she clamps down on him. The man withdraws himself completely, lingering for a brief time only to plunge back into her soft, velvety walls.

Chelsea all the while moans and writhes about, completely immobilized on the table, she lays helpless as the stranger uses her like a fuck toy. The sweat that has formed on her brow has plastered her hair uncomfortably to her face. I had no idea. She came into the bedroom and started stripping off her clothes. She had a big shit eating grin on her face. She sat down on the bed naked except for her panties. I asked if she really fucked her ex. She just smiled and removed her panties. She showed them to me and there was no mistake that they had a lot of cum on them. I was buzzed beyond belief. She shoved them right into my face and told me to lick them.

She said she had trouble keeping the cum in her. She then brought her pussy right up to my face. She smelled like she had been freshly fucked. She was a bit stretched out. She grabbed my head and pushed her pussy into my face. She told me to clean her out and I did. I tasted cum for the first time ever. There was no mistaking that. She came for about the 50th time that day. I cannot begin to describe the emotional euphoria I was experiencing. It was mind numbing. When she decided she had had enough fun and enough orgasms she untied me and told me to lie down on the bed. I was not to move. She retrieved the key, uncaged me and gave me a simple hand job until I exploded in her hand and all over myself.

I felt great after I had finally cum, but the mind fuck was undoubtedly the better feeling. We never repeated it after that. Her ex started calling her and asking for her to go back to him. She thoroughly enjoyed her game that night, but she kind of felt bad about using her ex the way she did. I still remember the whole day well. My short lived trip into cuckoldom still gets me aroused thinking about it.

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