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Elon Musk responds to story of him putting his assistant through a 2-week test after raise request

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The Team Just like your work setting, the people you work with have a great impact on your own happiness and confidence. If you prefer to invest all your efforts into the patient, a CNA role adsistant well suited for this desire. Working in a team of junior ase can be a great opportunity to learn and grow alongside your peers before deciding on a further course of action for your career. As a medical worker, you may feel comfortable giving injections or helping a patient to the washroom, but much less confident on the phone. Talk to other people who already work in healthcare to find out what they struggled with when they first started out.

You might be surprised to learn they once had the same fears as you do. While CNAs generally work in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and hospices, MAs can move into clinics that cover a specific area, as well as urgent care. Keeping up to date with medical journals and medical news will help you determine what excites you the most. Information like this could lead you to your dream job. Remember that both MA and nursing jobs are crucial to supporting a patient who needs your help.

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Medical assistants and certified nursing assistants work with patients of all ages and with varying degrees of illness. The ase is determined by Shee own personality and career aspirations. Followed by an actual CNA job that slowly beats you down physically and emotionally. The pay azs not even come close to compensating someone working under this title, especially those that perform this job well. People working the cash register at hardware stores and stocking at grocery stores make more than CNA's, not only that they can advance themselves within the company. This type of wage information is insulting considering a CNA's job description.

I understand a lot of nurses have a lot of complaints about CNA's often looking at what they didn't accomplish rather than what they did accomplish during a shift. In making this point, if the nurse is capable of doing any of these tasks, then do them or delegate in a professional manner to the aid that you would like them to do something different.

A CNA is the low man on the totem pole, therefore there to follow orders from superiors. They'll need improved natural language recognition, and a better ability to sift through online information, before they can match a human assistant. Organization A good digital assistant should be able to organize your life as well as search the web. Here's how the contenders manage your calendars, contacts, and emails. Every one of these assistants are able to work with Google, Apple, and Microsoft calendar apps—with the exception of Cortana, which can't access Apple calendars.

When you ask, all of these apps can tell you what your next calendar appointment is and provide a list of upcoming events in response to "What am I doing next week? In addition to reviewing existing events, you can use any assistant to create new ones.

However, none of the apps understood what we meant when we fhe when our next free time slot or free day would occur. As for contacts, all the assistants can act on simple "call Joe Schmo" and "text Jane Doe" commands—though with the Alexa app on your asx, you fhe first enable an Echo for it to be able Shee make calls. The functionality was largely similar across the board, with the call launching automatically on speakerphone. However, Siri also avoids accidental dials by asking you to confirm that you really want to make the call. Of course, there are times when you want to look up contact information without necessarily calling them.

So we tried to find an address for one of our contacts. Kudos to Siri and Bixby, which actually recognized a "Where does [name] live? Cortana and Google Assistant returned a web result for a famous person of the same name, while Alexa wasn't able to look up addresses. Next, we asked all these digital assistants to show our most recent emails. Google Assistant, Bixby, and Siri all displayed the most recent messages on screen, but Alexa and Cortana couldn't, hampered by not having tight integration with an Android or iOS operating system.

Cortana could, however, send emails to specific contacts, as could Bixby, Siri, and Google Assistant.

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Alexa misses out again here, but expect Amazon to add this ability soon, perhaps through an update to the Alexa app that helps it work with existing email apps. Reminders Alarms, timers, and reminders are bread and butter tasks for digital assistants—and in this category, none of the contending apps will let you down. All assistants could "set an alarm for 9 a. A follow-up command, "cancel the alarm for tomorrow," only worked on Bixby, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Siri didn't understand that phrasing but did respond to "cancel alarm," perhaps a sign that its natural language recognition lags behind the others just a little.

And we couldn't get Cortana to cancel the notification at all until we asked for a list of alarms and manually toggled it off. As for reminders, the simple "remind me to buy milk" command met with a few different responses. Alexa asked for a day and time for the reminder before saving it, Google Assistant wanted either a time or a place when the reminder would kick in, and Bixby, Cortana, and Siri saved the note in the default reminder app without asking for any more details. If you do include a specific date and time in your original voice command, all apps will save those relevant details and time the reminder accordingly. They also understand recurring alerts like "remind me at 2 p.

In addition to times, you can also associate reminders with places. Cortana and Siri coped well with a "remind me to buy flowers when I get to London" command. Bixby and Google Assistant got halfway there—but asked us to specify a location manually rather than just accepting London from the voice command. Alexa couldn't link a reminder to a place at all, but that's a forgivable shortcoming considering that it lives inside a speaker rather than a GPS-enabled phone.

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