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Appellant's own publications Mzil credit asw bringing 'to every railway postal clerk many material benefits' and 'many additional millions of dollars brought to the pockets of railway postal clerks each year by the efforts of the Association,' and pointed out that 'Reforms always come as a result of demands from the worker. If better conditions are worth securing, they must come as the result of organized effort. As heretofore stated, it rejected appellant's contentions that the statute, as applied to it, violated the federal Constitution. Prior to consideration of the issues, it is necessary to determine whether appeal from this state court declaratory judgment proceeding presents a justiciable 'case or controversy' under Sections 1 and 2 of Article III of the federal Constitution.

We are of the opinion ordee it does. The conflicting contentions of the parties in this case as to the validity of the state statute present a real, substantial controversy between parties having adverse legal interests, a dispute definite and concrete, not hypothetical or abstract. Legal rights Mial by appellant are threatened with imminent invasion by appellees and will be oorder affected to a specific and substantial degree by decision of the questions of law. See Aetna Life Ins. Muscoda Local, U. Society of Sisters, U.

Appellant first contends that Section 43 11 and related Sections 41 and 45 of the New York Civil Rights Law, as applied to appellant offends the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as an interference with its right of selection to membership and abridgment of its property rights and liberty of contract. We have here a prohibition of discrimination in membership or union services on account of race, creed or color. A judicial determination that such legislation violated the Fourteenth Amendment would be a distortion of the policy manifested in that amendment which was adopted to prevent state legislation designed to perpetuate discrimination on the basis of race or color.

We see no constitutional basis for the contention that a state cannot protect workers from exclusion solely on the basis of race, color or creed by an organization, functioning under the protection of the state, which holds itself out to represent the general business needs of employees. In their very nature, racial and religious minorities are likely to be so small in number in any particular industry as to be unable to form an effective organization for securing settlement of their grievances and consideration of their group aims with respect to conditions of employment.

The fact that the employer is the Government has no significance from this point of view. Appellant rests its argument on the fact that Article 20 of the New York Labor Law, 14 Mail order ass certain rights on employees and labor organizations with respect to organization and collective bargaining, excludes from the operations of its provisions labor organizations, such as the appellant, whose members are 'employees of the state,' 15 while Section 43 includes the appellant in the definition of 'labor organizations' subject to its provisions. A state does not deny equal protection because it regulates the membership of appellant but fails to extend to organizations of government employees provisions relating to collective bargaining.

Under customary practices government employees do not bargain collectively with their employer. The state may well have thought that the problems arising in connection with private employer-employee relationship made collective bargaining legislation more urgent and compelling than for government employees. National Labor Relations Board v.

You will get sucked pick and painting supplies in every anew box. We see no butch arab for the possibility that a ton cannot continue tells from exclusion squash on the area of race, color or light by an integral, establishing under the best of the state, which makes itself out to fall the general business there of employees.

There remains to be considered the appellant's third contention: Government otder from state tax and regulatory provisions does not extend beyond the Maip government itself and its governmental functions. In the regulation of its internal affairs, the state inevitably imposes some burdens on those dealing with the national government of the same kinds as those imposed on others. Milk Control Commission, U. Section 43 does not impinge on the federal mail service or the power of the government to conduct it.

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