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Bog is very friendly with Miss Lark and it is hinted that she is his love interest. Nothing of this is so much as mentioned in the book. The film surmises that Travers wrote the Mary Poppins novels as a form of atonement for her inability as a child to save her own father from his own flaws. Two human-sized wooden dolls with flat faces.

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Bert is also friendly with the Banks children and the other residents of Cherry Tree Lane. Brill is the cook; she particularly dislikes Ellen. He appears at various points throughout the books. A self-described 'model cow' who Mary Poppins remembers as a good friend of her mother's.

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He is a triplet, and his two brothers 'Herbert' and 'Albert' are also policeman, though according to him are completely different in personality. Banks, though not Mary Poppins. Banks[ edit ] Mrs. He is absent from the musical.

She also plays a similar role in the musical, where she also sings the song Feed the Birds as a cherrkes with Mary. He is a former Naval Officer, but now lives in a house shaped like a ship with his wife Mrs. The Sweep is particularly friendly with the Banks children and, on one occasion, alongside Bert and the Park Keeper he takes them along for fireworks.

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