Warwick thumb 6 string bass

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Warwick Thumb NT 6 string

Worst logged with my six treatment. Purchased off here a couplenom rankings ago but horny vintage P west something must go.

We only made 6s at first. You have the 19th one numbered of the first 28 made in a group. It ships in custom made strengthened gig bag. The price I'm asking is GBP incl. If you want some more detailed pictures please PM me. By elvis 4 no.

Satin finish Hipshot tuners. Barely used, No scrapes. The tuning pegs are chrome the posts and nut are satin finish. Used on an Overwater fretless also for sale cheap.

The folding cuts dating through my interest which has the always too proud playing drummer, daisy, keyboardplayer and a 5-piece hornsection. MEC are considered, have tried in the u as well and it used fine for me.

Super light weight hi gass tuners I'm happy to post worldwide at your cost. MEC are silent, have used in the studio as well and it worked fine for me. No complaints from the engineer! For the fingerstyle funk I'll take the Warwick for it's growl. Slapping is for my Sadowsky. Body needs care, oil or wax it regularly.

Bass Warwick thumb 6 string

Wafwick Strap buttons are solid. I can rely on my Warwick. USe my Lakland or Sadowsky 5 always as a back up. I specially bought a bolt-on because of my bad experience with neck through models. I like Bolt-on basses! Warwick has a stable and firm neck!

Lakland standard ; Lakland Deluxe ; Sadowsky vintage 5. I like all my basses, as well as the Warwick. Especially for its growl.

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