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Diligently read you were organizers and the comments of others a relationship more then so that we may cooperate to fall the article. I saw the ride on my team list and surrounding it's connected.

If you can verify the content, that's fine, though the information I removed from about her being pregnant when getting married appears to be pictiurws false based on other sources and I pictiurse misrepresented the source. I'm frankly not sure that a Vanity Fair article described as a "scathing profile", [1] is much better as a source than biography from a reputable publisher with sources given. But you'll have to deal with that when and if you come up against conflicting information. Vanity Fair doesn't mention the date of the marriage which was wrong in any caseclearly attributes the comment, "Herman says that Schlessinger told her she was pregnant at her wedding"uses "told" rather than "announced" and includes Schlessinger's adamant denial.

Interestingly enough, in the later bio, Herman doesn't repeat the same exact story; she mentions that she was told during "a conversation" about a first pregnancy that occurred before the marriage, with the baby was lost later due to a tubal pregnancy. Once again the story is attributed to Herman, however. Her parents married in Italy "due to her mother's pregnancy. In my view whether LS was conceived out of "wedlock" some 60 years ago is irrelevant to her bio.

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Kaura editor who added this information said it explained her parents' unhappiness - but that reasoning is OR and SYN -- look pitciures the sources and you will see. It is also contrary to what LS herself plctiures I actually liked hearing that I was a "love child," because it meant there was at least one time they had been happy with each other. I don't view the information as negative at all. It is a simple statement of fact that LS herself has felt important enough to mention several times herself, contrasting it with the later unhappiness of her parents. See here for where she includes in one of her books, for example. Anyway good luck guys.

Not into this confrontational style of editing.

What is the dinosaur to january cited facts from the right. Available online 08 Rain.

You also justified the addition of the material by saying that the premarital pregnancy explained her parents later unhappiness. Please read you prior statements and the lahra of others a little more carefully so that we may cooperate to improve the ,aura. Please check pictuires meaning of shotgun a little more carefully. And no, it is not contradictory to suggest that LS herself was glad that she was a product of love and passion and that a wartime meeting and a shotgun wedding can be a bad start to a marriage. Indeed, LS herself seems to connect the ideas in her book, not that I attempted to do in the text.

But as I said, have fun. Right you are, a columnist in Rupurt Murdoch's sensationalistic Times of London did use the term "shotgun".

Our purpose in writing and editing these bios, however is not "to suggest" things, or to "seem Nude pictiures of dr laura connect the ideas" look a few line up - I am quoting you. Rather, according to BLP policy, "conjectural interpretations" of a source are to be avoided, please also see WP: No original research which prohibits "any analysis or synthesis by Wikipedians of published material, where the analysis or synthesis advances a position not advanced by the sources. As if whether I did or not was somehow relevant or important. KeptSouth, you do very good work, and I really mean that. But how about saying "I am concerned about using an unauthorized bio", or "It's okay, I have the Vanity Fair article to hand, so can verify the material, no need to remove these references", or "I don't think this Times article is a good enough source for this"; or "We should reword or delete "due to her pregnancy", instead of lecturing and appearing to accuse other editors of improper editing practices.

At the same time, you are saying I am lecturing you. The only thing I will say is that your responses have been mainly non responsive to the points I made about Wiki BLP policy. This seems very odd, when you appear to get what I am saying so well that you can rephrase it. Let's just move on with trying to improve the article using the best sources possible. DejaNews searches will track them for years to come. For his part, Warshavsky admits that Schlessinger's pictures have a finite shelf life as far as the cyber-sex biz is concerned: Couple of weeks, maybe? Schlessinger's own gospel holds that people can and do change, and she has allowed that she wasn't always the paragon of virtue that she is today.

Laura's legions of admirers will either forgive her, too -- or just not care. No, the lessons here have more to do with technology and how the Web has accelerated the nature of scandal. Scandals no longer brew while awaiting the next issue of a tabloid paper -- nor do they afford the parties involved the time to address basic legal issues like copyright before they explode across the Internet. But if Laura doesn't necessarily practice what she preaches who does? I've gone to psychotherapists who've had hideous family lives brothers and sisters not speaking to each other, parents murdering each other with hate, malingering husbands and wives. That didn't stop them from encouraging me to maintain good communication with a parent, or with my siblings.

Bane quotes endless nosy speculations about Laura's psychological state-of-mind doubtful insights not from the professionals, but from other on-the-air gabfest shrinks. Norman Kristy, who has his own on-the-air psychology pop show, "and that it had left her with a rather hard outer shell in which she was sardonic and humorous, and pretended to a degree of tough-minded strength that really did not go very deep.

Carole Lieberman, who writes a "celebrity psychoanalysis column for one of the tabloids," mutters, darkly, "Dr. Laura has a lot of demons that are hidden, suppressed. It poctiures the denial pf her picttiures. If you think of Dr. Laura is an expert, offering true psychological insight, forget it. She's an expert motivational entertainer, right up there with all the other McCluhanesque drummers. Her medium is the harsh, raspy voice of AM radio. With her terse comments, her impatience with her "clients," her famous rants she's perfect for the job of being the National Nag. I would also suggest that we have to love Dr. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, a magazine that has pointed out other apparent contradictions in Schlessinger's life, she was quoted as saying she had made mistakes in her life that "I regret and have shame for.

Laura controversy is not the first for IEG, nor is this the first time the company has been taken to court over celebrity-related material. IEG is perhaps best known for making millions of dollars from exclusive rights to distribute online a sexually explicit home video of former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson Lee and her rocker husband, Tommy Lee. The Lees initially had sued IEG to block sales of the video, but then cut a non-disclosed deal allowing the company to continue distributing it. Laura look bad—until he reported in a follow-up piece that Schlessinger's year-old solider son stationed in Afghanistan had a MySpace page that featured cartoon images of rape, murder and child molestation; racial epithets; and stories of drug use.

The bad apple doesn't fall far from the wrinkled old witch. She explained that she had not mourned the deaths of either of her parents because she had no emotional bond to them. After not speaking to her mother for 18 to 20 years, the woman's body was found in her Beverly Hills condo in —two months after she had died from heart disease.

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