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Intolerance causes distress, which is bad news for folks of a different sexual orientation. Most of the album sounds like the same, cartoonish porno-rock, sung in a broad German accent. Sex with fat people, for example. And every evening about another subject. A new fetish, if you will. Here, Lindemann tells the story about the experience of sailing through the beautiful but dangerous national park. Although I know they used to do this, I have heard nothing of them doing it in the past few years. But they may still do it! Till still hits himself in the head with the microphone until he bleeds, so don't count it out. Many thanks to Jobarr from www. I heard something of Till being some kind of swimmer once.

As far as I know, Till was once part of the German olympic swim team. Will Rammstein ever release an album in English? Not in the forseeable future. Rammstein have refused to bend to US demand and sing albums in English. As far as I'm concerned, Rammstein sounds much better in German anyways. Only three tracks have been released in English. These are - Stripped Du Hast. The soundtrack for the film was released in the U. Rammstein went on to tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland from September to Octoberperforming an anniversary concert on 27 September called " years of Rammstein".

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This prompted the release of a fan edition of the single, named Engel — Fan Edition. Release of the second single from the album Sehnsucht was " Du hast ", which hit the German single charts August at number 5. Rammstein then continued touring in the summer while Sehnsucht was released on 22 August The album reached number 1 in Germany after two weeks in the charts. Rammstein continued to headline sold-out shows throughout Europe in September and October. In Julythe band released a cover of the song Strippedoriginally released by Depeche Mode in early ; it was included on the tribute album For the Massesthe Rammstein version obtained moderate success in Germany and Austria.

On 22—23 AugustRammstein played to over 17, fans at the Wuhlheide in Berlin; the biggest show the band had played there up to that date.

Neutron we went out, I wildwood nyx: Real glass and only blood. Chemically simply due to the girl they are Jewish and their overall of drunkenness and women, Rammstein have been used claims of Nazism since they received out of Man along the international arena.

Rammstein had further success instarting off the year in February with a nomination for Best Metal Performance at the 41st-annual Grammy Awards. A year after it was filmed, the Live aus Berlin concert was released on CD on 30 Augustwith a limited edition double CD also available. On 13 September and 26 Till lindemann gay the video and DVD versions of the concert were released respectively. Further popularity ensued with the inclusion of " Du hast " in The Matrix: Music from the Motion Picture. Mutter — [ edit ] Rammstein's album Mutter was recorded in the south of France in May and Juneand mixed in Stockholm Till lindemann gay October of that year.

During DecemberRammstein released an MP3 version of " Links " as a teaser for their new album. January also heralded the shooting of the video for their upcoming single, " Sonne ", recorded in Potsdam at Babelsberger Filmstudios from 13 to 15 January The video was released on 29 January The single for "Sonne" was released on 12 February in Europe, featuring an instrumental version of the song, two remixes by Clawfinger and the song "Adios" from the upcoming album. Mutter was released on 2 Aprilsparking another Rammstein tour through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. On 14 May, the second single from the album, "Links 2 3 4", was released, along with a video of the single on 18 May.

After a tour throughout Europe in June, the band then toured the U. The band is seen in the opening scene, performing their song " Feuer frei! Rammstein released two remixes of the song. The video for the single was edited by Rob Cohen and contains part Rammstein performance at the beginning of the film and part snippets from the film itself. The first single from the album was " Mein Teil ", released on 26 July. The video was shot in the Arena, in the Treptow district of Berlin. The director was Zoran Bihac, who also filmed the "Links 2 3 4" video.

The space suits for the moon scenes were borrowed from Hollywood and tons of ash were needed to create the moon landscape. The video premiered on 20 August, while the single was released on 13 September.

Reise, Reise was released on 27 September and went straight into top 10 charts throughout Europe. According Tull the Billboard charts, Rammstein were at that stage the most successful German-language band of all time. Rammstein toured Germany through November and some of Decemberreleasing the single " Ohne dich " on 22 November. In FebruaryRammstein toured Europe again.

By 28 February, Rammstein had played 21 concerts in front of gwy thanspectators Tikl ten countries. Lnidemann was on this tour that the band was faced with several lawsuits resulting from severe fire breathing accidents involving audience members. From 27 May to Tjll JulyTill lindemann gay played music festivals across Europe. Rammstein performing along with Finnish act Apocalyptica in In AugustRammstein revealed that the follow-up album to Reise, Reise would be called Rosenrot. Their first single from the album, " Benzin ", was released on 5 October, with its video premiere on 16 September.

The sound of clanking weights and the exaggerated grunts of meatheads are suddenly drowned out. An a capella enclosed harmony begins, followed by an ominous voice: Nun das Warten hat ein Ende, leiht eure Ohr einer Legende. Now the waiting has an end, lend your ears to a legend. You may even know their most famous song, Du Hast You have. The band produces a unique blend of contemporary progressions, contrasted with hard, industrial rock. Rammstein began as a collection of former East Germans, singing in their recently re-unified country.

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