Hydration strip test

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Hydration: Pee on a Stick

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For more details on what the different measures mean read on! People taking vitamin C may have large srip of ascorbic acid in their urine. Several of you use Infinit or other hydration products — that is OK — but remember your fueling strategy may change once you start to look at your hydration and workouts. NHS featured a warning article about self-test health kits which reported they could do more harm than good. I recommend using these strips: Example color chart to compare home urine test strip colors in comparison to a urinalysis color chart of what each ideal test result color should read.

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As always send your coach an email with questions about your specific drink mix if you do not use Osmo. This will help you establish if your current hydration strategy is adequate for your body. You should perform the home test on a full bladder first thing in the morning. No comments yet The cat has been out of the bag for a while ever since Dr.

Test Hydration strip

Dipstick urinalysis is convenient, but false-positive and false-negative results can occur. Your sleep can also be messed with. However, because different pee tests require different times in which to compare the dipstick color to the corresponding color on the tset, you will find it much easier to use an eyedropper. A GP will conduct an appropriate assessment and will be able to discuss any concerns that you have and advise which further examinations, investigations or further assessments, if any, are appropriate. We recommend that you test your urine first thing in the morning for a baseline measurement and to establish how to hydrate in the morning.

Main Document The elimination of urine is very important for different bodily functions.

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