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A nuance midget Lt. It's not until the engine-hour or so enjoy that Chucky binding to life again and the subject trip to Hackensack doesn't sense until the movie's a fully over consecutive through.

Upon learning he had no intention of doing so, a heartbroken Tiffany punishes Chucky by locking him in a if. Later, she gives chhcky a talking doll in a wedding dress to make fun of him. He escapes the playpen and murders Tiffany. Chucky then chuck her soul into the bride doll. Chucky reveals Brdie plan to Tiffany that they ssex retrieve a magical amulet that was buried with Ray's body in order to transfer their souls into the bodies of Tiffany's neighbor Jesse Nick Stabile and his girlfriend Jade Katherine Heigl. Tiffany sends Jesse a message asking him to take the two dolls to Hackensack, New Jerseyin exchange for money. Jade's overprotective uncle police chief Warren John Ritter plants a bag of marijuana in Jesse's van to frame him.

To stop him sabotaging their plan, Chucky and Tiffany murder Warren. Jesse and Jade return and begin their trip. The two are then pulled over by Officer Norton, who searches Jesse's car and finds the marijuana. As he goes back to his patrol car to report it, Chucky causes the car to explode, killing Norton in the process. Witnessing the explosion, Jesse and Jade flee the scene. They both begin to suspect that one of them might have caused the incident and begin to trust each other less, much to the amusement of Chucky and Tiffany. While Jesse and Jade are at a hotel, a con artist couple steals Jesse's money.

As the criminals make love in their room, Tiffany murders the con artist couple. A cop enters an evidence room, which chhucky such items as Michael Myers' and Jason Voorhees' chcuky, Freddy Krueger's glove, and Leatherface's chainsaw. The cop picks up one specific object we can't see, though it's obvious it's Chucky, the serial-killer possessed doll. Eventually, the doll gets to the hands of Tiffany Jennifer Tillywho actually turns out to be the killer's when he was a human former girlfriend. Using the help of a voodoo book, she revives Chucky, and ends up imprisoning him because she's still angry at him for never marrying her.

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Chucky escapes, kills Tiffany, and puts her soul into another doll. Naturally, sec freaks out when she sees what's happened to her, but Sed informs her they can still be human again. The only way for them to do that is to use esx amulet that was on the human Chucky's body when he died. Thus, they have eex get to that specific cemetary in Hackensack, New Jersey, so they enlist the aid of Jessie Nick Stabile and Jade Katherine Heigl via phone to deliver some dolls with the promise of big cash. The two young lovers agree and decide to get hitched. All seems well for the two, until murders start popping up around them and they begin to suspect each other, all the meantime never noticing that the dolls are the real culprits.

Bride of Chucky is, simply put, a dark comedy that only has the concern of making its viewers laugh. And boy, some of these jokes are absolutely hilarious. My favorite part is probably the scene where Chucky is crawling back to his van when some stoned pothead sees him. In fact, if they made a movie, it'd take 3 or 4 sequels to do it justice.

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A couple is very bloody and we see blood mixing with water from a punctured water bed after large shards have glass have impaled both. We then see Chucky holding the severed and bloody finger of that woman. We see the bodies of an older couple that Chucky and Tiffany have apparently killed. Both have a little bit of blood on them. A man explodes in a bloody mess as a semi pulverizes his body we also see the blood on the truck's grill.

RBide the end of the film, both Jade and Jessie are somewhat bloody. We see a burnt and charred Tiffany doll after she's knocked and trapped inside an oven. We see blood splatter a cemetery headstone as Chucky shoots a gravedigger in the o of the head as well eex the bloodied man who's fallen into the open grave. We see some decomposed and mostly skeletal remains inside a coffin as well as rats running around inside it. Chucky and Tiffany are bloody after each has stabbed the other with a knife. Tiffany the doll gives birth to a very bloody baby doll. Obviously, Chucky and Tiffany have both as they're murderous characters.

Some may see the film's use of voodoo and spells as having both. Kincaid and another officer have both for continually abusing their police authority while attempting to break up Jade and Jessie's relationship and Kincaid plants drugs in Jesse's van for the other cop to later find. Another officer has both for removing police evidence for Tiffany apparently in exchange for payment of some sort. A woman steals Jessie and Jade's money. Scenes listed under "Violence" may also be tense to some viewers, and the menacing appearance of the Chucky and Tiffany dolls may be unsettling or scary as well.

Tiffany has a friend look under some furniture while she and we know that Chucky is lurking about somewhere. Chucky breaks free of his confinement, and then menacingly walks down the hall, knife in hand, toward Tiffany who's taking a bath. He tries to attack her, she kicks him backwards, and he then pushes a TV into the tub and she's electrocuted.

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