How to freeze breast milk

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Breast Milk Storage Guidelines: How To Store Breast Milk Safely

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How do I freeze breastmilk? Breastmilk freezer bags are your best storage option. Choose two- or four-ounce storage bags and leave a little yo at the breash of the bag because the milk will expand when it freezes. You should avoid any containers made with bisphenol A or S, but you can freeze breastmilk in glass or BPA-free plastic containers. Wash all bottles with hot, soapy water beforehand or in the dishwasher and dry them well. Do not use chemical disinfectants.

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A Guide for Helping Mothers. Making it work for you Label your milk storage containers with the date and time using freezs sticky label or non-toxic marker. If you have a newborn baby frseze needs milk given in a bottle, warm the milk up by placing in a cup of warm water. Test it to make sure it is not too hot before giving it to your baby. If your baby is a few months old, you can give chilled milk right out of the refrigerator. Store breast milk in the center of the fridge, as far back as possible. Store breast milk in the back of the freezer, where temperatures are more consistent.

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Place it in sealed containers or breast milk storage bags, and always use the oldest milk first. How to Store Breast Milk: The Details When it comes to storing breast milk, remember this simple rule: Use the fridge for short-term breast milk storage and the freezer for long-term storage. Refrigerated breast milk retains its nutritional quality better than frozen though it will spoil more quicklyand the only thing better is freshly pumped milk. Still, there are merits to storing breast milk in the freezer or the fridge.

Read on for the on freezing breast milk vs. But how long can breast milk stay in the fridge? The refrigerator should be thought of as a short-term breast milk storage solution: If you can't pump three 3 times, pump as much as you can during each day. Storing Breastmilk The following storage guidelines are only for healthy babies who were born at term. If your baby is hospitalized or was born preterm, the guidelines may be different.

Check with your healthcare provider for specific instructions for storing breast milk for your baby. It is recommended to gently braest the bottle to mix the layers before feeding. Freeze milk in small amounts oz. Also, it is important to remember liquids expand when frozen, so be sure to leave some extra room about an inch at the top of the container so the bottle or bag won't burst. Wait to tighten the bottle caps or lids until the milk is completely frozen.

How long, exactly, can I store my breast milk? For healthy full-term infants: You can Hoow it at room temperature: Store the milk in the back of the freezer, not in the door. If you need it immediately, then remove it from the freezer and run warm water over it until it's at room temperature. Do not refreeze it.

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