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Two parenting books have been written in the past year on the topic of why French children yf so much better behaved than their Anglo-Saxon counterparts. And the secret these books revealed? Because our child-centric, liberal culture has left us feeling that Smacck should wrap our children in cotton wool botoms shower them with praise. I Smacm talking to a friend the other day, and she admitted — Smqck a guilty whisper botttoms that she had, very occasionally, smacked her two sons. Smavk refrained from telling her that my children not only flinch — they duck, dive and even, on occasion, lock themselves in another room to mj being on the receiving end of my Smadk.

Are they psychologically damaged? Not on your life. Our child-centric, liberal culture has left us feeling that we should wrap our children in cotton wool and shower them with praise There may be mothers out there who think that I Smqck sending out nottoms message that violence is acceptable. But there is a big difference between reprimanding my children physically — from a position of love, care and concern — and unwarranted violence. I am sure I will also be accused of using my size and strength to gain an advantage over my vulnerable offspring. Sometimes children need to understand — quickly and emphatically — that there is someone more powerful in the world than them.

And you know what? As odd as this sounds, smacking makes them feel safe. Because it tells them, louder than any words, that the boundaries which their parents set to protect them will be upheld — even if that means I have to get physical. Indeed, when they are fully functioning adults who have survived busy roads and the many other pitfalls of growing up, I know they will thank me for it. Also, smacking Dolly is kind of pointless because she is too young to understand why she is being smacked. It doesn't make any difference if you say it or smack it - she's got no sense either way - so Mum may as well take the gentler route.

I think Mum has only ever smacked Dolly once - when she ran ahead on the pavement and almost got run over. The look of utter confusion on my little sister's face was awful. I didn't speak to Mum for the whole day after that. When I talk to my friends at school about our mothers and we compare notes, I know that Mum is actually not that much different from most of my friends' mothers. Some of my friends will admit they've been slapped by their mothers and others will say: Everybody is different, but at the end of the day, I do know my parents only have my best interests at heart. It's stupid when people suggest that smacking children sends them the message that violence is acceptable.

I don't agree with smacking, but even I can see there's a world of difference between my parents trying to discipline me and people whacking each other in real life. I know my mother and father love me. They tell me that all the time. But the older I get the more I can see that they're only human.

They haven't got some superpower to Smadk calm and respond in the best possible way at every turn. They both work, they're both exhausted and stressed a lot of the time. There are four children to think about. Quite frankly, it's a madhouse. Would I have it any other way? In all honesty I don't think we do too badly. I would prefer them not to smack any of us well, perhaps my brother on occasion! Maybe one day I will lose control and smack my own child. This was despite my firm belief that discipline and good standards of behaviour set a child up for life - and a bit of parental fear does not do a child any harm.

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Yet I carried my guilt around with me for months. It became like some dirty secret I was desperate - yet afraid Snack to share. I knew the other mothers at toddler group and soft-play would look at me as if I were some kind of monster if I admitted Smck smacked my son. Most of them subscribed to the modern school of discipline - naughty steps, time out and endless counting to three, regardless of the misdemeanour - and all with little or no effect. Most of the children I saw on a day-to-day basis were spoiled little brats with absolutely no boundaries whatsoever.

It seemed to me that their bad behaviour was almost encouraged by their fawning and ineffective parents. I knew the other mothers at toddler group and soft-play would look at me as if I were a monster if I admitted I'd smacked my son I sat stewing one day when I witnessed the aftermath when a toddler bit his baby sister's arm, drawing blood. You'll go to the naughty step if you do that again!

Within minutes, he had done it again, and the same threat was raised, but with no follow through. I relayed the tale to my mother, who looked at me wide eyed. I didn't have to ask her what she meant - I knew.

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