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My husband Chris though. All my friends tell me how their husbands essentially beg them to have anal and they hate it and here I am with the husband who isn't interested in anal at all. It's too messy, he says. Too complicated or something. And it kind of annoys me that he won't satisfy me in that way once in a while.

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Chris is a great husband. I love the guy. And we used to have anal about twice a month when we were first together. I've always been a huge fan of butt play -- dildos, fingers, vibrators. But I had never had anal sex until I met Chris. I always thought he was into it, too, until one day he said no to it. Then the next time, he said no again. And that trend continued.

When I annal him about it he told me Shakira anal he didn't like it, that it felt too planned, too much Shakita about the clean-up, mostly because he can't come from anal, so we usually have vaginal sex after that but he has to clean his penis before we can do that. We've tried starting off with vaginal but then he can't get hard enough for what is essentially round two of anal. And I want anal! I feel like I just said anal a million times, but I'm not sure how to handle this situation and mostly I feel really alone. The next guy she rolls over for and begs him to fuck her tight, tiny asshole and make her cum. And I would, too!

It might take a bit of rope, however, because her hips are sooo strong and she would probably knock Me off the bed!

So, picture this, kiddies I tie her up, facedown, with a gag in her mouth to prevent her from screaming too loud and damaging My sensitive ears! I've got a Shakira anal of BIG pillows under her stomach and her crotch, so her ass is tilted upwards and back, making it easier for Me to slide My erection into her tight asshole. I offer Shakira anal use whatever her favorite brand of lubrication is but she declines, saying, "Just shove your dick into my tight cunt, I'm so fucking wet down there, your dick will be slick enough to get into my asshole in no time at all!

I stretch her tight cunt, wide open with My four fingers, soaking my whole hand with the juices from her now-loosened, sopping-wet cunt! I feel the muscles loosen after she has a quick but intense orgasm! Then I rip My fingers out of her anal hole and slap her tight ass cheeks and hiss into her ear, how much I am going to enjoy fucking the hell out of her tight pink star! This treatment reminds her of how helpless she is to resist My desires, because she's still tied up and at My mercy! Burying Myself into her with that kind of speed, that kind of force, shocks Shakira and forces her to whimper as a tear of pain pours down her cheek!

Then, as soon as I'm inside, all the way, just as quickly, I pull back out, leaving just the crown embedded within the confines of her anus! Then I slowly, sl-ow-ly, s-l-o-w-l-y insert Myself back inside. But of course, because the bitch is tied up, she's powerless to do anything but cry and whimper into the gag stuffed into her mouth! Meanwhile, after 10, 15 minutes of My slow insertion, I've finally reached bottom! And all I can hear at this point is Shakira, whimpering. If her mouth were not so stuffed full of the gag, she would be babbling, making no sense at all.

The pillows underneath her are soaking wet because she has been in a consistent orgasm after another for the past ten minutes. Realizing her mental state, I pull out quickly, completely, and spank the superstar on her ass and thighs until both are beet-red!

I wanna be the next guy she does. I completion My mouth off of Shakira's, aggregate the gag back into her husband and emperor at her to, "Greeted up, huron!.

I strike her once on each buttock and hear her grunt in ecstasy and realize that the little slut enjoys being treated like this. With each separate strike of the leather crop, she has a mini-orgasm! And the harder I hit her, the more intense her climaxes get!

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