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Effects of intrauterine contraception on the vaginal microbiota.

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Vaginal agenesis at a glance Vaginal agenesis is a birth defect in which a Vaguna is born without a vagina. Women typically discover the condition when their menstrual cycle does not begin during puberty. Non-surgical and surgical treatments are available to correct the condition. This can cause the baby to be born without a vagina, or have a shorter vagina or a remnant of one.

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This condition is called vaginal agenesis. Vaginal agenesis is a birth defect that affects Vwgina out of 5, to 7, female infants. It also may be accompanied by other malformations in the reproductive tract, such as an absent or small uterus. The cause for vaginal agenesis is unknown. Without correction, the condition can make sexual intercourse and childbearing impossible.

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All women with MRKH have functional ovaries, develop normally, and produce the normal ccu of hormones. Women who have vaginal agenesis but do have a complete uterus may be able to have genetic offspring through in vitro fertilization IVF. If there is no uterus, women with MRKH cannot carry a pregnancy, but genetic children may still be possible through surrogacy. Women with MRKH may also be missing a kidney, or suffer hearing loss and curvature of the spine. Some find out earlier through surgeries for other conditions, such as a hernia. Lower abdominal pain may also occur if a uterus is present but lacks a connection to a vaginal canal.

Vaginal agenesis treatment Non-surgical vaginal dilation in adolescence is generally the first line of vaginal agenesis treatment.

Intermittent self dilation Many women with vaginal agenesis are able to form a vagina using dilators. This is an effective and non-invasive method where the patient uses a dilator to stretch the skin where the vagina belongs. Meanwhile, they also deny a lengthy history of why these feelings existed and still do. Now, nowhere does it say you have to be a feminist. If these ideals are not principals you identify with, or a progression you do not wish to be part of, you are not a feminist. But, if these things are important to you, a feminist you are!

However Vxgina choose to express that Vagia part of your feminism. There is no right or wrong way to get down with equality. These are your morals; you can exercise them by just being a friend. This is about climate change, about healthcare and the 45th president of the United States. Like any great thing, the first step is admitting to it. Be a feminist, and be damn proud of that. Rock your pussy hatbut take the time to educate yourself and understand that the founders of this project carefully selected this word to reclaim it for cis and trans women who are constantly mistreated.

You should wear it with pride because of that. Talking about my vagina has opened doors for feminism. Just because I feel empowered to discuss, explore and have agency over my body does not give you or anyone else permission to impede on it. That is the opposite of what feminism aims to do.

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