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Bishop Briggs Shaves Head in Solidarity With Friend Starting Chemo

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Two uniformed Grand Junction Police officers were on hand at the special meeting for the vote. Kids with cancer need as much encouragement as they can get.

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Focus on cancer-stricken friend Updated on: It Can Be Supportive One breast cancer survivor had a wonderful experience when her loved ones threw a party where they shaved their heads together. Addicted to word games and caffeine, Judy spends way too much of her time in cafes hunched over her computer and clutching a coffee cup. Have you ever thought you might shave your head for cancer support in solidarity with a friend going through treatment? The board of directors of the charter school, the Caprock Academy, voted Tuesday to let Kamryn Renfro remain. Breman began the special meeting by telling the audience of about 20 people, most of them teachers and reporters, that Kamryn's motivation was "commendable.

Head Friend shaved

Olson Renfro also wrote on Facebook that Caprock was supportive of her daughter throughout the process that ended with Tuesday's board vote. She grew up in Alaska, and now makes her home in Seattle with her husband and young daughter. Posted on April 12, by Judy Schwartz Haley People living with cancer have a wide range of feelings about the gesture of voluntarily shaving your head for cancer support. Mom of girl who shaved head: Delaney, bald from chemotherapy, told the Post that having friends willing to shave their heads made it easier to withstand teasing about her appearance. Ramona's Room provides wigs and scarves at no cost to those who are uninsured or underinsured.

Find out where your decision may heas. Olson Renfro called on people who have been following the story to think of Delaney Clements, who has been fighting childhood cancer since she was 7. Officials had earlier barred her, saying she violated the dress code by shaving her head over the weekend. The Associated Press contributed to this report. We would expect our students to engage in critical thinking, and sometimes that's going to be challenging us," Chairwoman Catherine Norton Breman said.

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