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Have they changed over the years? Are you, for instance, seeing more demand for dreads, and less for body modifications? You are constantly interacting with people, so you do need to be able to work as a team, be able to take direction and be able to make any project a positive experience not only for yourself but for everyone working with you. With each model that is with Rogue we are aware which models are comfortable with nude and those who are only comfortable with implied nude or clothed shoots. You need to arrive to a shoot looking the best you can. Working for Rogue is fantastic; we are always updated, and feel like an individual not just a number!!

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There are so many models doing similar things that you constantly have to work on making sure you are unique, present and innovative. As a model you should always know and have agreed in advance if there is going to nudity or semi-nudity in a shoot. Modelling is a people business. This means taking care of yourself, having a good diet, drinking plenty of water, not drinking excessively, having a good skin care routine and getting plenty of sleep. More or less everyone now has a website presence to promote themselves. If you do manipulate your images it is very important that this is noted somewhere, as is informing whoever has booked you of what you do actually look like.

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