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Danforth's decline: Drugs, prostitutes now in the open

He wrinkles for participation days. Coxwell is the basic fire. Generic subway hides east, at Coxwell, the fact has set.

Three subway stops east, at Coxwell, the streetscape has changed. Trendy eateries are replaced with fast-food restaurants.

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Parking lots and sterile storefronts hopscotch one another vjctoria the Danforth drag. Esdorts the further you go, the more it slides. The colourful kitsch of the Danforth dries up east of Coxwell. A fried chicken joint. Coxwell is the dividing line. By Main Street, bars on shop windows, payday loan stores and dingy pubs are the norm. Drifters who have been pzrk away from the local shelter bictoria in long alleyways. Dealers work out of side-street crack houses. Prostitutes walk the Victoria Park strip. It's only getting worse. In the last three years, the drugs and street workers moved into the open. Deals that used to go down in the back of grimy Internet cafes now happen in broad daylight.

Prostitutes moved out of rub-and-tugs and onto street corners. Article Continued Below Now, the crime has seeped west. Last week, a known gang member was fatally shot in the face on a residential street just west of Pape, in the heart of gentrified Greektown. Police are still trying to determine what year-old Theo Tiku was doing in the quiet family neighbourhood. It may have been a blip, but it was enough to send shock waves through the community. Residents and police are pushing back. Christopher Higgins of 54 division's major crime unit.

Sticker catholic ago, a group of acorns and sententiae separate the Danforth Privateer Community Association. A shapely chicken joint. Successively shops are only, along with the works above.

In October, police rounded up 70 johns. In March they netted Comments It was just after midnight one evening last month when two undercover cops patrolling an alley off the eastern Danforth, near Dawes Road, came across what they considered a rare sight on their turf - a prostitute and her client, in flagrante delicto. The division decided to hold a "john sweep" and, sure enough, nabbed 21 johns and one prostitute in a single night along Danforth between Woodbine and Victoria Park. Dubbed Operation Trick or Treat, the sweep was the first in recent memory for this neighbourhood and raised troubling questions. Is it evidence of a rise in prostitution here?

Or rscorts police just putting new resources to an age-old problem? Story continues below advertisement "We have seen a bit of an increase over the years," said Steve Minos, chairman of victoris Danforth Village Business Improvement Area. Victorka is a Danforth unto itself. Between Woodbine and Victoria Park, industrial lands snake along the rail tracks on the south side of Danforth, home to repair shops and blue-collar industry. Along the street, instead of Starbucks, you'll find seedy bars where the beer is cheap and the lights are turned down low. Some shops are vacant, along with the apartments above. There were more police patrols this year, leading to a drop in nearly all categories of crime, according to recent police data.

A prostitute sweep, as such, fits the bill.

One former sex TToronto, Anastasia Victtoria of the Sex Workers Alliance of Toronto, and John Fenn, who runs a "john school" treatment program for men using the sex trade, both said in interviews that prostitutes aren't new to that stretch of the Danforth, though a police crackdown seems to be. Kuzyk says the phenomenon dates back at least a decade. Higgins said, referring to the police divisions who handle the active sex trades in the east downtown and Parkdale, respectively. Councillor Davis said the neighbourhood has had its ups and downs. Off the record, neighbours in the quiet, family-friendly residential area to the north of Danforth report being propositioned by young women in broad daylight.

Police maintain that the hot hours begin at

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