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Surely it is God's way of telling us women we needn't suffer the indignity of dark circles or spots? In an excerpt from Naker Beauty Experimenta book which details her experience, she explains: Hilariously, the couple got out of answering the question thanks to a language barrier Nothing's off limits! Lipstick is the finishing touch. The man laughed and turned away at the hair trimming inquiry. Although Ms Hyde said that she did have to convince him about the 'not shaving' part. So I spent my early twenties trying to perfect the 'natural' look. I really wish I were the sort who could just wash 'n go and still look amazing, but I'm not.

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TV host Ms Couric is rarely seen without a full face of make-up Ccouric said that she had 'a lot of mirror meltdowns' in the city, where many of the women she met were obsessed with their appearance. Share or comment on this article: Katie Couric goes make-up free in front of the cameras - and invites others to take on the challenge. Going back to basics:

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