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The Most Important Thing The amount of pressure you apply to your clit is almost always the most important aspect when it comes to pleasurable clitoral stimulation during sex. Always keep this in mind when changing into a new sex position. The Grind The most effective clitoral stimulation technique you can use is what I like to call The Grind.

Side To Side — Touch clitoris video variation of this is for him to switch to grinding from side to side on your clitoris instead of thrusting. So he needs to stay as deep as possible while grinding from right to left to right to left and so on. Circular — Another variation is for him to grind in a circular motion on your clit while remaining as deep in you as possible. Doing this has the added benefit of making his penis move around and stimulate all your vaginal walls as he does it. Experiment and see what you enjoy most. The Vulcan This next clitoral stimulation technique works best in girl on top sex positions like Cowgirl or the Man Missionary.

While you are on top of your man, and he is lying down, he needs to lower his hand down the centerline of his stomach with his palm on his belly. So his baby and ring finger will be on one side of his penis, while his index and middle finger will be on the other side. As he presses the Vulcan V down on his penis, his knuckles should come into almost direct contact with your clit, with his fingers pressing against your labia. As his fingers and knuckles are obviously very hard, it can make for some intense grinding when you start pressing your bodyweight down on them.

Find out how to make her orgasm. There are 3 different clitoral stimulation techniques that you can use here: Manual Masturbation — This is the obvious choice and has the added benefit that you know exactly what you prefer.

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clitorus His Hand — Of course, you could just get your man to take over and masturbate you with his hands while in a Doggy Style position like these ones. Of course, there are also vibrators like the WeVibe that are designed to be used during sex. Performing this position is very similar to Missionary positionbut with a few differences. Instead, he will stay deep inside you and move his body as forward as possible over you.

Doing this will cause his penis to point downwards, and he will be making plenty of contact with your clit. Then he will grind up and down on you. If you need more pressure than he is providing, then you can grind back against him. Click here to check out the main Coital Alignment Technique Guide. The benefit of this position is more consistent and stronger orgasms [ 4 ][ 5 ] and the possibility of mutual orgasm [ 6 ]! Cowgirl This classic position will have your man lying down on his back with you straddling and facing him with one leg on either side of his body.

Check out the Cowgirl guide for more info. You will have your back to your man and will be straddling just one of his legs. While straddling his leg, you then need to hold it firmly and pull yourself into it so that you get lots of clitoral stimulation. Find out more about the Thigh Tide position in this guide. You need to straddle your man in this position just like in Cowgirl except this time you will be leaning forward and resting your weight on either your hands or elbows like in the demonstration. This position requires a bit of core strength, so if you have strong abs, you can grind down hard.

Click here to learn more about the Woman On Top position. Drill The Drill is another variation of Missionary position that provides lots of clitoral stimulation. Play around with how high you wrap your legs around his waist and how you position them for maximum clitoral stimulation. Learn more about the Drill position here. That leaves the woman unsatisfied, lacking sexual fulfillment and pleasure. All these researchers came to the conclusion that clitoral stimulation is the most effective way to bring most women to orgasm during lovemaking. This was the coital alignment technique.

The Coital Alignment Technique is a modified form of lovemaking that stimulates the clitoris, by making a few important changes to the traditional missionary sexual position guy on top. This can be done by changing the normal penetration movement from horizontal to vertical. Instead of thrusting in and out, an up and down rocking motion is used.

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When the man lifts clotoris hip or body, the base of his penis will be Toych the right position to rub against the clitoris see picture below. On the other hand, when the man lowers his body, his pubic clitoria will come into contact with the clitoris. As a result, the up and down rocking movement will constantly stimulate the clitoris and effectively clitoriis his partner reach clitoriss quickly. A Guide To The Coital Alignment Technique The rocking up and down motion may seem a bit awkward when first practiced but it is easy to do once you get the right pace and the rhythm that suits you. The man and woman rock their hips together to get the right rhythm.

Improve Your Thrusting Technique Look, men, you may not be interested in the coital alignment technique, but you sure as heck should be interested in making sex better for you and your partner. One way to do that is to improve your thrusting techniques. G spot Orgasms The coital alignment technique is a proven way to bring a woman to a clitoral orgasm. However, some women argue that a clitoral orgasm is not as profound as a vaginal orgasm, obtained by G spot stimulation. Studies have shown that vaginal orgasm requires G-spot stimulation as opposed to the clitoral stimulation which results from using the coital alignment technique.

Try out and compare the Coital Alignment Technique and G-spot stimulation for yourself. You will rapidly discover which technique is more enjoyable for you and your partner! See more about this in the right hand column of this page.

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