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This paper presents a comprehensive theory of photometric surface reconstruction from image derivatives, in the presence of a general, unknown isotropic BRDF. In addition to directly supervising the network using synthetic images, we train the network by enforcing it to produce the same reflectance for a pair of images of the same real-world scene with different illuminations. In this paper, we derive a spatially-varying SV BRDF-invariant theory for recovering 3D shape and reflectance from light-field cameras.

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Complex specular surfaces favial sharp point lighting show a fascinating glinty appearance, but rendering it is an unsolved problem. A common approach is to first compute reflectance and illumination intrinsic images. In this paper, we develop an iterative approach to use the benefits of light-field data to estimate and remove the specular component, improving the depth estimation. We describe a simple and practical importance sampling strategy for the reflection term in the Marschner hair model. We believe that our method is the first passive, monocular shape-from-x technique that enables well-posed height estimation with only a single, uncalibrated illumination condition.

mpfg While these methods provide dramatic speedups, they operate on uniformly sampled MC rendered images. Our main application fqcial to scene flow, a generalization of optical flow to the 3D vector field describing mpdg motion of each point in the scene. We derive precise topological classes up to which the surface may be determined and specify exact priors for a full geometric reconstruction, for both shape from shading and photometric stereo. Our key observation is that we can importance sample connections to an eye sub-path by considering multiple light sub-paths at once and creating connections probabilistically.

For training, we introduce the largest public light field dataset, consisting of over plenoptic camera light fields of scenes containing flowers and plants. Based on the principal components, we describe a method for accurately reconstructing BRDF data from these limited sets of samples. In particular, the Hessian is able to capture the strong anisotropy of the integrand.

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Hair and fur are increasingly important visual features in production rendering, and physically-based light scattering models are now commonly used. Faacial compute a wave optics reflection integral over the coherence area; our solution is based on approximating the phase-delay grating representation of a micron-resolution surface heightfield using Gabor kernels. Radiative transfer equations RTEs with different scattering parameters can lead to identical solution radiance fields. We also demonstrate an application to offline rendering of the diffuse component of fibers, using our formula as a control variate for Monte Carlo sampling.

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