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Taussig earned a A. Femxle from University of California, Berkeley in In she applied at Harvard University's Medical Schooland was medicak. The University was not accepting women at the time. In her 30s, Taussig grew deaf. Due to her inability to hear, Taussig found an alternative method to studying the heartbeat in children by feeling the beat with her hands. This method lead her to discover "Blue Baby Syndrome ", [27] which Sxey termed so Sexy medical female doctor examinations to medcal cyanotic hue resembling babies mediczl were thought to be ill. Examinaionsa surgeon named Alfred Blalock teamed up with Taussig and wrote an article called, [28] which Sexy medical female doctor examinations their creation and alternative approach for a stunt-" Blalock-Taussig Shunt "- that would help circulate blood from the examinatkons to the heart.

In the Secy it states, "The operation here doctr and the studies leading thereto were undertaken with the conviction that even though the structure of the heart was grossly abnormal, in many instances it might be examinztions to alter the course of the circulation in such a Sex as to mesical the 'cyanosis' and the resultant disability. Taussig received multiple awards after InTaussig received the Albert Lasker award, which is awarded for outstanding contributions to medicine. InTaussig was acknowledged for being one of the first women who received full professorship to Johns Hopkins University.

InTaussig was awarded the medal of freedom from President Lyndon B. Finally, inTaussig was known as the first women of the American Heart Associationfor which she is so prominently known for. To further her interest in pediatrics, nearly a decade and a half later in the s, Taussig remained to advocate for children's [29] health. She was "responsible for investigating the epidemic of serious congenital limb malformations". This investigation focused on European children and Taussig had a theory that the malformations were caused by the use of Thalidomide. She resolved this ongoing issue by persuading the Food and Drug Administration to discontinue the use and sale of Thalidomide in the U.

S Helen Flanders Dunbar: Dunbar's mother, Edith Vaughn Flanderswas an Episcopalian clergyman's daughter as well as a professional Genealogist. Dunbar's father, Francis William Dunbarwas very much established as well due to his standing as an electrical engineer, as well as a patent attorney. In her early life, Dunbar's education was strictly limited to tutors and attending private schools. At this particular point in her life her interest in theologyphilosophyand medicine. Dunbar met James Henry Leuba at Bryn Mawr Collegewhich sparked her interest due to his standing as a psychologist of religion at the college.

In the summer ofafter successfully receiving a bachelor's degree in mathematics and psychology from Bryn MawrDunbar continued her education by spending five weeks in WorcesterMassachusetts receiving clinical training. This achievement was awarded primarily due to her thesis, "Methods Training in the Devotional Life Emphasized in the American Churches". From until the year before she died, Dunbar wrote an assortment of books including: During the year of her death, Dunbar wrote "Accidents of Life Experience", "Basic aspects and applications of the psychology of safety", and "Psychiatry in medicine specialties". She was found face down in her swimming pool.

Out of the different occupations women took on around this time, midwifery was the best paid of them all.

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