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Here's a list of possible causes: These folks need aggressive evaluation. Swallow should I do? If you have a urinary tract infection or a kidney stone, you should drink a lot of water; blood in the urine also means that you should avoid acidic drinks such as coffee, tea, or citrus juices, all of which can irritate the bladder. Depending on the symptoms, a referral to a specialist such as a urologist may be necessary.

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Bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra opening where urine comes out. If bacteria travel up to the kidneys, it may cause a kidney infection called pyelonephritis.

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Symptoms of pyelonephritis are similar to cystitis, but the child will feel more pe. How did my child get a UTI? Most of the time bacteria come from the rectal area or from stool. The bacteria enter the urethral het and begin to grow inside the bladder. The bacteria will irritate the bladder and cause pain. The bacteria can travel further up the urinary tract to the kidneys causing pain, fever, and back or abdominal pain. There are certain things that can contribute to the risk of getting a UTI. Young children may not be able to tell you that they are in pain. You may notice that your child has fever, is fussy, or is not eating well.

The older child may complain of: UTIs are treated with antibiotics. Swalloe Urine contains waste products that have been filtered out of your bloodstream. They are, however, highly concentrated. And your body is trying to get rid of these, because if they stay in the body, they do harm. Drinking urine reintroduces concentrated waste products into your system. This forces the kidneys to filter them out again, causing unnecessary strain.

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