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Or did you always feel like if you based the comedy in truth, FFamily that was the best defense? I think we were less concerned about that and more concerned with being funny with this material. It feels like it is all over the place these days.

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You could have someone Familly a joke where the punchline is based on thinking that one side of a hot-button [issue] is wrong, like carrtoo or abortion or prayer in school. Why did you decide to have Trump prey on Meg? The only point in using Meg was to show that men like Trump can attempt to prey on vulnerable people. Sexual assault is a sensitive subject. As the episode notes, cartoons can be turned off — unlike the president — but outside of that, what standards should a comedy be held to?

We are being a little self-deprecating there, moovies we try always. And are we commenting on cliched assumptions? As Rich is saying, with jokes that can seem to cross the line, we do a good job of monitoring ourselves. And the ultimate judge is: Is it funny enough? Because we like them, respect them, and are jealous of then. What more do we need to say?

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